Monday, March 28, 2011

Seduction Secrets of the Geisha

Seduction Secrets Of the Geisha - coming soon. 

In This Intensive Course You Will Discover the Love and Seduction Secrets of the Geisha - the Pearls Of the East. 

"I could not help being born a beauty, I spend my time pleasing the Emperor and serving at his feasts. In the six palaces there are three thousand beautiful women, out of the three thousand, love is for me alone."

These are the words of Yang Kuei-fei, a Court favorite and consort from the golden 'T'ang' period. She was a woman of many feminine charms, and has gone down in history as the most RAVISHING woman in China.

Yang Kuei-fei was not only a symbol of the spirit that characterized the T'ang period (an era in which men were preoccupied with both the pleasures of the senses, and the beauty of words,) but of the spirit of the GEISHA.

When YOU learn to embody that spirit, as well as embrace the philosophy and love teachings of the 'Modern Geisha,' YOUR man's love will only be for you!


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