Friday, November 30, 2007

~ barkha kaUl :: mOdel ~

Even though the fresh and bubbly BARKHA KAUL has made her presence felt as a promising and upcoming model, she is absolutely not content to bask in her past glories. Barkha is without doubt an ambitious lass who believes in living for today as she is amply aware that the coming future shall be a reflection of the choices she makes now and here.While she was still in school-back home in Agra, she was virtually cajoled to take part in a prestigious beauty test and she took up the challenge-just for a lark, what is more the dew fresh Barkha ended up being crowned Miss Agra in 1999. The restigious title was to prove to be the crucial turning point in deciding her career prospects as she took to serious modelling, shortly thereafter. Moving from Delhi to Agra to pursue her further studies also saw Barkha plunge neckdeep into modelling as a full-time profession. Her striking good looks and svelte figure made Barkha ideally suited for both ramp modelling as well as product endorsement, both of which there has been no dearth off-in her kitty.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

~ this laDy was never bOrn ~

This lady was not born, did not live for a single day and will never die because
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Painting of Tica by Dru BlairThis is a painting completed in February 2005. It probably took a total of around 65-75 hours to complete. The small images are step by step photographs taken during the painting process, and the large image is the final painting after detail and skin texture are added with an eraser and colored pencil. The main colors are blocked in at the beginning, but refinement is withheld until the very end. Look for a more complete step by step article in an upcoming magazine issue~Dru Blair

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

~ inDian femail celebrities :: jUst blUez ~

~ pOrtraits :: mOther & babY ~

~ beaUtifUl mOdel : cris ~


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