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How to Be Fascinating

 How to Be Fascinating - Enrich Your Experience

To enrich your experience, and your mental and spiritual outlook, make an effort to meet people, to make friends, to DO things with people. Join clubs; they bring you in touch with many people. 

Join classes to study things with others. Furthermore, learn to do many of the things that others are doing, so that you'll not be left out.

Learn to dance, or to play tennis.... or any other sport which will bring you into companionship with people - under pleasant and healthy conditions. 

PLAY is also as necessary to a woman as food and sleep is, dove. Moreover, play with people, it's stimulating and refreshing!

How to Be Fascinating - Have Many Interests

The richest and most fascinating people are those who have MANY interests. You may be fascinated by jazz music. You may love the theater. You may like to amuse yourself by cooking exotic recipes, and you'll search for the ingredients at the markets, in the foreign quarters of your city.

Furthermore, do things outside the NORMAL routine of your life. Get some new hobbies. Collect things; flowers, coins, stamps, antiques.... anything. Broaden your interests, and you'll become more and more interesting :-)

Broaden your interests by learning something about everything. It's a mistake, though, to be pedantic about your knowledge of things. Nobody is more tiresome than the intellectual prig!

Having MANY interests and passions is the fascination of the Advanced Femmes, and it's a fascination which every woman can cultivate, to a certain degree.

How to Be Fascinating - Expand Your Intellect

You can begin to expand your intellect by reading the daily paper every morning. REALLY read it, doll, including the editorials and reviews!

Most women are content merely to skip nimbly through the headlines, and more often than not, go strait to the celebrity pages.

Read books in every field. Read about travel and religion and philosophy. Read about psychology and cooking and natural therapies. Read about gardening and history and art.

Furthermore, the lives of famous people, biographies and autobiographies, are enchanting things to begin on.

How to Be Fascinating - Take A
Lively Interest In Others

To become fascinating, you want to awaken your mind, as well as it fill it with good things, in order to enliven your conversations. But remember too, lovely, it takes two to make a conversation. And half of a woman's charm is to be a good listener.

LET other people talk. They'll love you for it. And don't interrupt!

Don't let yourself get bored, however. In doing this, your own widening interests will help you. For as you expand your outlook to embrace a wider and wider horizon, you'll be surprised to realize that more and more things interest you, and fewer and fewer things bore you!

Being a good listener will always make people like you. But being a good listener isn't a PASSIVE talent, dove. It doesn't mean sitting dumb and inert while talk rains at you. Far from it. 

Nothing is more discouraging to the talker. Nothing makes you seem more dull and uninteresting!

A good listener takes a LIVELY interest in all that's being said. 

Do MORE than listen to the words. Listen with your mind. Follow the mind of the talker (people soon sense your mental inattention, if you're only hearing with your ears.)

On the other hand, your responsive mental interest will flatter and stimulate a person to keep talking. So, show people that you're entertained by what they're saying. 

Conversation is like a game of tennis. If your partner serves you ball after ball, and you allow them all to drop about you unheeded, he or she will soon tire of the game. But if you watch their play, returning their balls, and keep the talk volleying back and forth with lively interest, they'll ENJOY the game. 

And seek you for a partner again.

How to Be Fascinating - Feel The Mood and Adjust Yourself to It

When you're talking, you can sometimes feel the attentive listener responding like a vibrating chord. You sense when his interest wanes, however, even if there's been no sign of inattention. 

This will embarrass you, cloud your mind.... yes, but with a responsive listener your thoughts fly. Your tongue is glib. And you feel the stimulus of their ALERTNESS.

Your vibrations (your 'vibe,') are always reinforced by a responsive vibration. This phenomenon is multiplied a hundredfold in the theater, as all experiences of personality are. Any actor or actress will also tell you that when they feel the sympathy, the interest, and the response of the audience.

It carries them on to play their parts with greater zest.

Actors dread a half-filled theater. However, they thrill to the high-keyed expectancy in the air of a first night, or a gala performance. They can also feel their audience's mood and adjust themselves to it.

In a lesser degree, that same vibrant current underlies every conversation. You break the current, if you fidget or grow bored. However, you strengthen the current when you attend with all of your mind. 

Being a vibrant listener will always make people like you.It's a charming asset and easily cultivated.

The Great Ladies, and the Advanced Femmes of history took the trouble to INFORM themselves - about the interests, the work, and the hobbies of every one whom they received in their 'salon.' 

Thus, a Great Lady was prepared to lead people on to talk about themselves, while she responded and questioned them intelligently. And every one who met this brilliant woman testified to her charm, her radiance and her spontaneous sympathy.  

Perhaps this was one of her greatest secrets. 

You can adopt the secret for your own.

How to Be Fascinating - Be Charming

If there's a man you wish to attract, find out all you can about his work, his passions, what he reads, what he does for amusement. Then read up on his work, even get books from your public library, if necessary, that will help you to understand it.

Furthermore, dove, learn the games or the sports that he enjoys. Then you'll be able to talk to him in his OWN language about the things he hopes to accomplish, and the things he has done. 

Furthermore, you'll be equipped to listen to him animatedly, and he'll find you fascinating and attractive!

The subject of 'feminine charm' has aroused much interest on my blogs. Most relationship experts will also admit that it's as important for a woman to have CHARM as it is to have beauty. Indeed, if she has charm, she can actually be plain, but still be attractive, magnetic.... fascinating.

Charm is not synonymous with personality, however, and it's not as broad a term as personality. Charm is just one aspect, though a very important aspect of personality. It's the power of winning and pleasing people. 

Some lucky women have this quality as a 'gift from the gods.' Others LEARN it Charm Warfare – The Art of Charm for Seductresses

To a certain extent, of course, your charm is expressed by what you say. Common sense will also tell you that you must be careful not to give offense in any way. But to be charming, you must go further than that, and give pleasure by the grace and tact in your attitude toward people.

An old saying comes to mind; "you can catch more bees with honey than you can with vinegar." Remember this quaint truth in all your dealings with people. 

In addition,a quick, lashing tongue hurts you more than it hurts any one else. And complaint, sourness, cattiness etc, cuts you off from sympathetic contacts. 

Be GRACIOUS, enthusiastically attentive to people, and they'll feel your charm :-)

We are all so busy, so hurried, these days, that we can grow entirely concentrated on our own interests. People sense this exclusion and are repelled by it. Moreover, we must utilize our time wisely, and work more effectively, if we don't want to lose all our power to ATTRACT people.

Anyhow, cupcake, I do hope you enjoyed my post; 'How to Be Fascinating!' 

Much love,
Melina xxx

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Blistering beauty Minka Kelly is an American actress who turned 31 last June. She was named as the ‘Sexiest Woman Alive – 2010’ in the annual Esquire magazine feature. The new Charlie’s Angels star is known for her roles in the NBC series ‘Friday Night Lights’ and ‘Parenthood’.

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How to Get Beautiful Hands

Hi dove! I'm sure you'll agree with me that we put our hands through a LOT of activity each day. Even so, with a little extra care we can have beautiful hands, and keep them pretty, feminine and lovely! 

Our hands SPEAK, even when we don't. Our hands tell tales about our lives, our habits, our personalities, our work, our play.... 

Our hands are the barometers of our emotions and take more punishment than our faces. They're often NEGLECTED. And hands grow old, even when their owners, seemingly don't.

Often we'll do something about our faces, but we forget that our hands are in evidence every single minute, People also notice our hands just as quickly and appraisingly as they do our faces. 

It's strange how many women fail to realize this!

You may have the hand of fashion, elegance and sophistication; well-manicured nails tipped in gleaming polish. Or you may have hands which bespeak capability in work, crafts etc. Whatever is the case, do use your hands to EXPRESS yourself (but keep them beautifully groomed.) 

**Practice pretty and feminine gestures. Pick up a vase or a flower as if you enjoyed handling it. Don't GRAB. Learn to use your hands femininely and gracefully.

Here's a 4-point program to follow if you want to have beautiful feminine hands.

How to Have Beautiful Hands - Protect

Before engaging in housework, gardening, or any other activity that's hard on the hands, protect your hands by COVERING them up. 

Always wear rubber gloves when washing dishes, laundering, scrubbing floors etc (be sure to wash your rubber gloves inside after using them.) Apply cornstarch powder powder to your hands before donning rubber gloves.

Apply a rich hand cream or lotion before donning cotton gloves for activities such as polishing and gardening.While protecting the skin, gloves will serve to prevent broken nails. 

In the summer and winter months, if the skin on your hands is thin and sensitive, wear gloves whenever you head outdoors. If you're not careful, the hot sun/harsh wind will dry out the natural oils and moisture excreted by the skin, and will cause the skin on your hands to become dry and coarse.  

When laundering by hand, to protect your hands, use only mild soap flakes. Be sure to rinse your hands thoroughly when you're done with the washing, and follow with a generous application of hand cream or lotion.

After washing your hands, ALWAYS apply a hand cream or lotion. When applying, stroke on the preparation gently. Hold your hands up and stroke downward, just as if you were fitting a pair of gloves.

Apply hand cream or lotion to your hands before working. This will give your hands a beauty treatment while you work. 

**Tip; a super cute and feminine look in summertime is to wear a pair of short, white lacy gloves (fingerless.) 
Team the gloves with a pair of skinny jeans, a white summery top, and a white lacy umbrella to protect the rest of you from the sun!

Gloves add to your POISE. They give you an air of simple elegance and femininity. They should be selected to harmonize with whatever you're wearing, and be functional as well as fashionable.

To prevent your hands from chapping, hand cream or lotion should be applied before and after exposure to the sun's rays.

How to Have Beautiful Hands - Cleanse

Dirty nails, embedded grime or ugly stains definitely isn't a feminine and seductive look, and will ruin the appearance of the shapeliest hand. Keep the hands immaculately clean, ALWAYS.

Never tire of removing grime, ink and other stains from your fingernails, dove! And wash your hands as often as necessary in warm soapy water. 



**Whenever you're cleansing and soaking your hands and nails, if you live in an area where the water is particularly hard, add a softener such as tincture of benzoin or boracic acid to the water.  

To thoroughly cleanse your hands and nails, use a vegetable oil based soap, or a gentle hand wash, and work up a rich lather. Make each hand washing session a beauty treatment. 

Massage the hands thoroughly in the lather. Then, follow with using a wet pumice stone for the removal of callouses on the hands (if necessary.) 

Scrub the hands - from the wrists to the fingertips - with a nail brush, or with a suitable hand/foot scrub, concentrating on the knuckles and nails.

A piece of fresh lemon can be used for the removal of stains. Stubborn stains can also be removed from your hands with a cotton-tipped orange stick - or a Q-tip dipped in cuticle remover.

Finish up the treatment with a repeated rinsing and an application of hand cream or lotion. 

**If your hands are badly discolored/stained, whiten them with one of the many excellent bleaching creams on the market. Rub the bleaching cream well into your hands before going to bed at night. Moreover, cover your hands with loose cotton gloves (by morning your hands should be shades lighter.)

Always dry your hands well. There are few oil glands in the skin of the hands, and it will quickly wrinkle and coarsen if left damp following immersion in water. Improper drying of the hands promotes dryness, as well as redness.

After the excess moisture has been removed from your hands, each finger should be dried thoroughly. But never attempt to dry your hands by waving them in the air, or giving them a quick, careless wipe with the towel.

After each hand washing, and before the application of hand cream or lotion, push back the damp cuticles at the base of the nails, using either a towel or an orange stick.

By the way, doll, always have an orange stick and a bottle of hand lotion or cream near the kitchen sink and in the bathroom.

How to Have Beautiful Hands - Beautify

At least once a week, give your hands an overnight beautification treatment. Massage your hands well with a rich lubricating cream, or a concoction that contains a vegetable/ or nut based carrier oil (such as coconut, almond or olive oil) with essential oils added. Then, slip on a pair of loose fitting, soft cotton gloves.

Massage is one of the most effective ways to improve pudgy hands.
If the knuckles on your hands are enlarged, massage them at night - in the same way as you'd fit gloves to the hands.

Another corrective for hands is hand exercises - which relax the muscles, stimulate the circulation, and promotes suppleness. Even busy hands get stiff unless regularly exercised!

Blemishes and freckles on the hands can usually be corrected through the use of lemon juice, bleaching cream or a alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) hand lotion. You can also use cut cucumber rinds.

Brown spots sometimes respond to massage, as well as do bleaching creams. 

Warts on the hands should be removed by a dermatologist - or by applying apple cider vinegar to the wart each night, and then covering with a bandaid.

Due to improper functioning of the glands under the skin, large brown spots, sometimes called 'age spots' or 'liver spots' can be be treated with apple cider vinegar. 

They can be concealed with an application of foundation make-up, which incidentally, can be quite flattering to the hands.
**Beauty tip; by placing just a tiny bit of rouge on each fingertip, you can give your fingers a slender, tapering appearance. 

You can get more of my feminine and seductive beauty tips here; The Art of Beautification for Seductresses
It's up to you whether or not you use colored nail polish. I do. It's fun to wear, it's protective, and the color makes the skin look prettier by contrast. It also puts you in the class of the well-groomed, interested-in-their-appearance women.

COLD and/or clammy hands (often due to poor circulation) will sometimes improve with persistent massage. However, more  often than not this is a problem that calls for a health and exercise program.

Perspiring palms can be treated with a liquid deodorant which will check perspiration. If the problem is serious, Botox injections may help.

How to Have Beautiful Hands - Decorate

Nothing looks more pretty and feminine than a hand that's beautifully decorated with jewelry  - such as bracelets and rings - or even with gloves or Mehndi. 

Mehndi is the application of henna on the hands (typically applied to Indian brides before their weddings,) or as a temporary form of skin decoration or tattoo. I personally think that mehndi looks beautiful :-)

Furthermore, I like the look of 'slave bracelets.' The following picture depicts such a bracelet. A very feminine and seductive look, don't you think?


As for standard jewelry for the hands, there are some rules to follow in having beautiful hands.... 

A SMALL delicate hand should never be burdened with heavy or 'chunky' looking costume jewelry. Such jewelry will overwhelm the appearance of your hand, and detract from its beauty!

Furthermore, if you have small hands, don't wear pointed nails. However, DO wear sparkly rings, set in small, feminine designs. Pretty, tinkly bracelets are also for you, but keep away from heavy rings and wide bracelets.

A large, 'capable' looking hand can be adorned with DAINTY little rings with oval stones. An oval shape will slenderize. Moreover, oval shaped nails, beautifully manicured, set off this type of hand.

SHORT, stubby fingers always look best when adorned with a little finger ring.

SQUARE shaped hands look best with a square shaped ring on the second or third fingers. 

Only the SLENDER hand (with long tapering fingers and well kept nails,) should carry a ring on the forefinger.

The long, slender hand, with well manicured nails, can be the background for beautiful jewelry - rings that sparkle, that important diamond, or the more dramatic cuff bracelet.

FLOWER rings often make a woman's hand look more feminine and lovely.

Wear an attractive watch. A watch bracelet looks very nice on a woman, is very 'timely' and very flattering.

Remember, dove, too much jewelry - of any kind (even diamonds) is in BAD taste. 

Long sleeves are especially becoming to the less-than-perfect hands. Have your sleeves zipped at the wrists for a perfect fit and finish. 

**Unless your wrists and arms are lovely, camouflage and dress them becomingly. 

The three-quarter sleeve, which ends just below the elbows, is good on slender arms, and if coordinated with cuff bracelets, you have camouflage, style and beauty.

Anyhow, cupcake, I do hope you enjoyed my article; 'How to Have Beautiful Hands!'

Much love,
Melina xxx

Ps; after going to great trouble to have your hands and nails in perfect order, you can SPOIL the whole effect by ungraceful hand mannerisms. Pay attention to how you use your hands, dove! 

Moreover, the 'elegant raised pinky' mannerism isn't used very often these days, and can be irritating if it's not something you naturally do. 

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