Monday, July 11, 2011

The Feminine Trait of Gentleness

I'm sure you'll agree with me lovely (if you've been following my blogs for some time, that is,) that TRUE femininity isn't equivalent to weakness. It's about being STRONG.

As you're probably already aware, the quality of gentleness has always been considered as a very feminine trait. 

However, only a feminine woman can be gentle! Moreover, true femininity is about being GENTLE; gentleness of bearing, manner and character.

Nevertheless, gentle feminine traits (such as softness, tenderness and graciousness,) weren’t meant to entail the ABSENCE of strength. The gentleness of bearing, manner and character is meant to be an inflection of strength.

The truth is that we can be strong, independent and self-sufficient women, while being ‘magnolia blossom butterflies’ (the women that all the alpha men become hard-core seduced by, and want to marry.)

Furthermore, dear heart, nothing could be further from the truth than to suppose that gentleness and femininity is an absence of strength. You only have to study the Great Ladies of history to know that, and no Great Lady was ever rough!

Just like the gentle and feminine women of today, she hid an iron first in a VELVET glove (and ruled men behind the scenes *wink.*)

Even in modern social settings, gatherings of fine ladies will (for the most part,) exhibit an atmosphere of gentleness and genteelness. Moreover, like many feminine traits, the attribute of gentleness is a sign of good breeding.

The opposite of gentleness is ROUGHNESS, as well as harshness and coarseness. And I’m sure that you’ll agree with me when I say the crying fault of many women today is their LACK of gentleness!

Besides being rough, coarse and harsh - in their words and behavior - such women are;




Offensive (from their constant cussing, to their ‘in your face’ sexuality, to their avoidance of tact and consideration to the feelings of others….)

Roughness in a woman is a sad disfigurement indeed, and the marring of all her loveliness. 

Unlike gentle and feminine women, rough women can't be considered as REAL women. Furthermore, while gentle and feminine women are seductive and alluring to quality males, rough and masculine women are anti-seductive and repulsive.

Especially the dire-hard, card-carrying feminists (I'm not talking about the feminine feminists!)

In addition, a REAL woman is;



A lady.

Mild and mellow. She's not easily provoked and isn't looking for a fight (her manners aren't those of a fighting ring!)

Pleasant and considerate. She loves men, and is nothing like the uncouth, loud-mouthed 'feminazi' (who mistakes noise for strength, and dominance for power.) 

*This doesn't apply to the feminine feminists :-)

Kind, caring and considerate (she's not a selfish, swaggering 'she-male.')

Meditative and peaceful. She's living in the 'now' - here and now.

Remember dove,
weakness is always ROUGH. And no woman can be truly feminine, if she isn't gentle.

When you become ‘yin,’ and lose that 'yang' vibe of the male hunter and aggressor, that's when you'll finally catch a REAL man.

Ever noticed how those tough
‘ballsy' girls, who like to cuss and start arguments, FAIL to do that?

In addition, the feminine trait of gentleness;

Soothes and comforts a man (rather than crushes and castrates him.)

Draws a man in (rather than drives him away.)

Woos (rather than compels.)

The quiet potency of gentleness subdues whatever would be repellant in a woman's nature, and imbues it with SWEETNESS. It also imbues her face with that adorable, wide-eyed and youthful look.

Furthermore, lovely, whenever you think of gentleness, think of the fable where the sun and the wind entered a contest to show which could remove the traveler's cloak the quickest. The mild sunshine (like a gentle and feminine woman,) comes off as the REAL victor *smile.*

Furthermore, just like the sun, the feminine trait of gentleness has great POWER, but it's used in a quiet and unobtrusive way.

Of course, the trait of dominance and aggression (combined,) is a powerful thing too. However, it's not fitting for a woman
(most men intensely DISLIKE aggression in women,) and it's hard to manage.

Moreover, if you're not careful, your dominant, aggressive and 'yang' personality will get the better of you.

Being an aggressive woman can only lead to trouble - especially in a relationship with a man!

When thinking about gentleness, you can also think for a moment about a column of finely polished marble. You know how SMOOTH it is. You also know (or sense) how pleasant it is to draw your hand slowly over its glossy surface.

Well, what the smoothness and glossiness of marble is - to the sight and the touch - gentleness (as well as femininity,) is to our words and actions! 

The feminine trait of gentleness takes the roughness from our words and behavior, and replaces them with smoothness. Which is very pleasant.

Furthermore, what soft velvety moss is to a rock, a gentle feminine spirit is to our conduct. It covers up the sharp corners, and smooths down the rough places!

Alluring in all its tendencies, the feminine trait of gentleness inspires confidence where there might otherwise be distrust. It definitely puts people at EASE, dove.

Therefore, there's a real benefit in gentleness, and it brings real, substantial perks to the women who practice it.

However, genuine gentleness lasts twenty-four hours in the day, and seven days of the week. Moreover, no matter how beautiful or intelligent a woman may be, or how influential her position is, she must be gentle!

However, gentleness isn't just a quiet feminine influence. It's a suavity, diplomacy and benevolence of manner that pervades the character of REAL women. 

You must be the embodiment of gentleness. No woman can be truly beautiful without it.

CULTIVATE it in your behavior. You'll not only become softer, calmer, and more feminine, but a new woman. 

Such women are able to meet a scowl with a smile, a storm with calm, and rudeness, or envy, with an unruffled tranquility.

From today on, why not try and become more a more gentle, feminine and ‘yin’ woman? In your bearing, your manner, your words….  

Gentleness wins EVERY time, and when everything else fails.

Not only that, but most men crave for the gentleness of women (although, they’ll rarely ask or it,) and hunger for their tenderness (and there’s no weakness in such a yearning.)

Be the one to offer that!

Too often, men find indifference, competitiveness or opposition in their girlfriends and wives - where they ought to find love, co-operation and partnership.

Naturally feminine and seductive women offer those things to their men. And were made for LOVE (not only to love, but to be loved :-))

For men, life's rivalries and competitions can be sharp. Roughness pains them. Furthermore, due to their tough, masculine facades, we can’t always know what secret burdens they may be carrying

In addition, roughness pains us, and stunts the growth of all lovely things. However, beneath the warm, nourishing influence of gentleness, beautiful things grow.

We should be gentle above all to those we love the BEST - our inner circle - and to those within our own home. Moreover, our gentleness must not only be demonstrated by our disposition, words and behavior, but in our in patience, self-control and thoughtfulness.

To high-status men, gentleness is the ornament of FEMININITY. Like perfume, it fills a heart and home with light and warmth and fragrance. 

Anyhow, cupcake, I do hope you enjoyed my post, 'The Feminine Trait of Gentleness!'

Much love,
Melina xxx

PS; you must not only be gentle with others, but with yourself!

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