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How to Be An Ideal, Feminine and Lovely Woman

Do you want to be feminine and lovely, in personality, looks and behavior? In other words do you want to be an IDEAL woman, dove? Do I hear a "YES?" Good!

Not every woman is ideal, however, I believe that the essence to be such a woman, and to possess the qualities of an ideal woman is in every woman.

A woman's desire to be such a woman isn't really about personal vanity. It's an aspect of her SELF-RESPECT. A demand, from the deepest parts of her nature that she be known to the world in her best light. And an instinct to put her 'best foot forward' in the contest of living.

Ideal, feminine and lovely women grace any gathering. They can ignore conventions and cut a path of their own to social distinction. Lovely debutantes are more easily launched. More orchids and parties and conquests come their way.

Just about every young girl dreams of herself as becoming lovely, alluring, fateful. She may see in a much-loved singer or actress the embodiment of her OWN dreams of being the heroine of the drama. Moreover, audiences have greater sympathy for roles enacted by ideal, feminine and lovely women.

In addition, an 'ideal' woman finds her way easier from the beginning. Every rung of her ladder to success is won with less labor, not only because she's good to look at, but she's IDEAL in her personality and behavior.

If she's in the public eye, she has continuous engagements. If she's a model, she often gets the job. If she's an actress, the season's most coveted parts are frequently offered her....

Even in BUSINESS a woman should be ideal, feminine and lovely. The fact remains, that even in the world of business, a woman's beauty and femininity is an asset.

Managers find such women to be a good investment - not only because they do the job well, and are professional, but because they're classy, polished and lovely! And they'll seek their cooperation to assure their own success.

In the world of business, 'dowdy' and less than ideal girls are somewhat depressing, and they express failure, not success. And while a CEO of a company may declare that he'll never hire a pretty girl again, one suspects him of not telling the whole truth.

Furthermore, most business men admit having a preference for feminine and attractive women in the work place, and for purely business reasons (apparently, customers and clients feel similarly, as well.)

What greater tribute can a mother have than her children thinking that she's womanly and lovely? Inside and out. And surely children will feel closer to a 'young and lovely' mother, than to a 'faded and weary' mother?

The generations seem to grow closer if mothers keep themselves youthful. With the advances in self-beautification/
improvement, this is a much easier feat than it used to be.

In addition, youth is a state of mind, An exciting challenge, even! You can wake up one morning, and know that you're thirty, or even that you're forty plus. But you won't feel it unless you DRAMATIZE it.

I heard a story about a woman glancing at her calendar one day and suddenly realizing the "awful truth," it was her birthday, and she was FORTY! She dissolved in tears and felt that she couldn't face it.

When her husband came in, to dress for a celebratory birthday lunch, she told him; "I'm not going, I just can't!" To his surprised; "What's the matter with you?" she tearfully replied; "Today I'm forty!" 

"Huh," her rather unsympathetic husband responded. "You've been forty for the last five years, according to your family Bible!"

So, you see, dove, forty is a state of MIND. Even so, today is the time to take stock of your health, your beauty, and your femininity - as well as your mental agility, your interest in life, love and the pursuit of happiness!

What else can you do to retain your youth and loveliness?

Look after your health (don't wait for an emergency to occur before you take action.) Take care of your TEMPLE.

Exercise. LOSE any excess weight (curves are ideal, but excess layers and rolls of fat aren't ideal, and aren't what curves are about.)

Avoid sedatives and the excess drinking of alcohol. Trendy bars and cocktail rooms are just about everywhere, and crowded with over-dressed, and often, over-fed females - of all ages. 

Many women in their twenties drop in at their local bar, or get the "girls" together for wine and cocktails - with more drinking than socializing. They think they need the 'lift' of a drink to enjoy a night out. However, this 'lift' is only temporary, and when it wears off, they 'need' another drink.

The effect of alcohol on a woman thirty and above is dismaying. She not only gets 'blowzy,' noisy and  unladylike. She puts on weight, loses her looks, and her self-respect.

High value men don't abide such females.

This also isn't a preachment against the drinking of alcohol, dove; you needn't be a teetotaler, wear a white ribbon or sign a pledge. But don't turn to alcohol to get you over the rough spots, or see it as the only way to have a good time.

How unimaginative. Furthermore, if you're seeking REAL love, romance and affection, you won't find any of them in a bar. They just don't serve any of those ingredients there!

Sedatives, over time, make you nervous, so you'll take another pill to quiet you. There's a real danger in popping sedative pills too, as they give you no real rest, or surcease from your depression. 

You always have to wake up and face your problems, as well - unless, in a stupor you take too many, and needless tragedy! Out goes another woman who took an overdose of pills!

Get your colors done. You're either a 'Spring,' a 'Summer,' an 'Autumn' or a 'Winter.' Your skin tone is the most important factor in determining your colors.

Get a wardrobe analysis done by an professional image consultant (or learn how to do it yourself,) and update your wardrobe to include more feminine and becoming outfits.

When you're going on a date, or spending some quality 'alone' time with your man, put on your BEST garment.

Wear makeup every day. Even if it's minimal. Older women who wear makeup (foundation, concealer and/or powder,) look years younger than the women who don't. This is because wearing makeup on your face protects your skin from the elements.

Do weekly manicures, pedicures and hair conditioning treatments.

Grow your hair long, or at least to a length that makes you the most womanly and becoming. 

If you're an older woman, embrace your grey hair. 'Silverette Sirens' are exclusive, and the silver tones in a woman's hair can be particularly lovely! Often there's no loss of beauty in the hair, even after it's turned gray, if the hair's itself is magnificently healthy and luxurious. 

When nature turns your hair to silver, you become one of that exclusive group; the 'Silverettes.' And don't ever say of yourself; "I'm a gray-haired woman." Say proudly; "I'm a Silverette!" 

See the difference, cupcake?

Get a little 'nip and tuck' done if you think that will help you to look and feel better.

Take care of your teeth. Use whitening strips to whiten your teeth if they're stained. If your teeth are really bad, consider getting porcelain veneers.

Get enough Vitamin D. Aim for at least ten minutes of sunlight on the back of your hands each day.

If you're self-conscious, or a 'Tomboy' or introverted, don't allow yourself to say; "That's ME. That's my disposition. I can't help it." You CAN help it. To say that you can't is to admit that your own mental processes are beyond your control. 

To accept the domination of any negative thought or emotion is to condemn yourself to always being a nobody.

I think that there's not a woman alive who doesn't want to be an ideal, feminine and lovely woman - if she tells the TRUTH about it, that is! However, some women won't admit this, even to themselves.

Moreover, many women merely pretend to scoff at the idea of being pretty and feminine, and will tell you it's unnecessary and "shallow." But life has often been disappointing to these women, and they're putting on a front.

Furthermore, dove, many significantly overweight and/or masculine types of women will cast aside the desire to be 'ideal,' as if beauty and slimness never mattered to them. But they KNOW (even though they may adamantly deny it,) that all they have would be worth twice as much if they had ideal beauty and femininity.

When they look in the mirror, with no one around to see them unmasked, they wish they were beautiful too. They do, they do, they do. And don't believe a woman who tells you otherwise!

Once they get married, some women start to "let themselves go," and make no effort to create an atmosphere of gracious femininity and charm. If only they would make an effort to spruce themselves up a bit, and don a nice outfit when hubby is due home (looking as attractive as possible.) The husband would be pleased. 

He may ask; "What's all this?" But he'll like it.

Remember, lovely, when your husband married you he evidently found you attractive. If you've been letting him down the last few months or years, NOW is the the time to make amends.

Things happen to attractive women. Things come to attractive women. And romance lives with the feminine and lovely and ideal.  

Furthermore, high value men seek ideal female beauty. They also see in femininity an inspiration and the ideal. If you have, or cultivate such beauty, you'll have homage (the tribute may take different forms, but it's still tribute.)

Just as women hide in their innermost hearts their reasons for wanting beauty, so do men have reasons (as deeply rooted and buried,) for seeking beauty. A man's devotion to beauty is an expression of his idealism. 

His admiration of beauty, as well as to femininity, is his tribute to this thing which he may not be able to define, but which stirs him in unknown depths. And men who know nothing of art or aesthetics still find some bewildering satisfaction in looking at a feminine and lovely woman (an ideal woman.)

In all the history of nations, no matter how material or 'modern' the age, or how ugly the cruelty of its customs, men have turned (for inspiration of the soul) to BEAUTY.

If you're pretty and feminine and 'ideal,' men will seek you, surround you and serve you. Love will come to you - as well as a nice home, beautiful children.... Moreover, ideal women live more fully, intensely, superbly.

There, I've dared to say it! Furthermore, these are the reasons that YOU want to be beautiful, dove. Why bother to evade and conceal this truth? It's the truth, and it's always been so.

The Queen of Sheba, Scheherazade, Helen of Troy, Cleopatra, Madame Recamier, Madame de Pompadour.... these women epitomized life in their respective eras. People and events gathered around them. They're also in history because their very beauty made history. 

Things happened to them too, that can't be forgotten, because they were extraordinary women of excellence - and LOVELY.

The ideal woman of today casts a similar golden glow over her surroundings. Her radiant beauty may make hers a charmed life as well, and enable her to rise from less-than-ideal surroundings.

While beauty means so much to men, and the world, it's a woman's greatest privilege and duty to be beautiful
The Art of Beautification for Seductresses. A beautiful woman is a delight to every one who knows her. She dispenses something that people NEED. 

And it's a part of every woman's mission to supply that need!

The keynote of modern beauty is naturalness. By this, I'm not referring to a face that's bare of makeup, or to hair that's never been colored. I'm referring to the most exquisite grooming and a rigid standard of cleanliness. 

Moreover, all our efforts to be beautiful are based on an understanding of the processes of nature.

In seeking the beauty that's in you, who knows what lovely proportions your figure will take on when you lose those extra pounds? Or when it's developed as the Greeks developed their models for Aphrodite and Diana?

Who knows what velvety bloom your skin may have when it's perfectly healthy? Who knows what radiance your personality may possess when you release its powers?

Try by every means to accomplish it. However, the most potent means is already in your hands, and in the wonderful recuperative and REGENERATIVE powers of your own body.

All your muscles grow and change with the months, and you can TRANSFORM them into the mold of ideal female beauty. 

Your skin cells die and are replaced every day. You can take advantage of that change to improve the texture and tint of your complexion.

Furthermore, your mind is a stream of impressions, thoughts and reactions, and you can divert that stream to record only beautiful and positive thoughts in the lines of your face - and in the rhythm of your vibrations.

You CAN be beautiful, dove. You can be an ideal, feminine and lovely woman. Nature meant that you should be!

You should be womanly, radiant, desirable. If you're not, it's only because through ignorance, or past hurts, that you're thwarting all the powers which should flow from the infinite through you.

You have only to go back to the source, and put all your physical, mental and spiritual forces in tune with nature. And while you're doing that, anoint yourself (put on some lovely perfume, while anointing yourself with the Holy Spirit.)

And you'll be beautiful again.

Anyhow cupcake, I do hop you enjoyed my post; 'How to Be An Ideal, Feminine and Lovely woman!'

Much love,
Melina xxx

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