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How to Kiss Like a Seductress - And Get Fuller and More Seductive Lips

"Have I not the caresses of my Beloved? I drink upon his lips the coolness of the stars...."

How to Kiss Like a Seductress - Understand the True meaning Of a Kiss!

A kiss is a common way to show affection or to greet someone. However, a passionate and seductive kiss is not only a sensual encounter, but a prelude to something deeper and more penetrating.

Furthermore, for a seductress, a kiss is a UNION not only of the lips, but of the body and emotions.

Admittedly, kissing can be viewed as a path to enticement and temptation, and even as an attempt to lead someone astray by arousing their senses. But in its positive aspects, kissing (and seduction,) is an APPEAL to the other charming someone to return that which is freely given.

There's nothing as sweet and passionate and intoxicating as a KISS received and returned by ones beloved - engulfing one’s rational thoughts. Moreover, how exhilarating dove, to be able to give way to the pull of the senses with our lips.

To be entwined with a beloved, to possess and be possessed by him.... this is NOTHING without kissing. Moreover, a kiss can convey the urgency of the demands of the body to a husband who feels the same way that we
do :-)

The most passionate and seductive kiss communicates LOVE, and the desire and need to be together.

How to Kiss Like a Seductress - Be Approachable, Inviting and Work Your Way Up To the First Kiss

Whether it's your very FIRST kiss, or the first time to kiss this lovely man, you'll usually be experiencing a case of 'first kiss jitters.' However, the good news is that most men feel a little nervous about a first kiss as well, and the attack of uncertainty won't be exclusively yours.

In many cases, a woman has to 'work her way up' to the first kiss by ENCOURAGING the man and boosting his confidence a little. Therefore, if you're really feeling enamored by a man, make certain you're looking approachable and inviting.

The first things you'll need to do if you want a man to KISS you, is;

Move closer to him.

Keep your arms uncrossed.

Keep your hands away from your face.

When the moment seems right, look at his face, and then into his eyes, a little expectantly.

Inconspicuously take a breath.

Occasionally move your gaze briefly and subtly to the man's lips.

Smile demurely, take another breath, (and hope that he takes the HINT, and approaches for the kiss!)

After doing these things, most men will find the courage to kiss a woman they're attracted to :-))

Besides your eyes, your LIPS are an indication of your character and expression, and the formation of your lips (more than than the actual size of your mouth,) forms quite an accurate indication of your personality.

A small mouth can be cute dove, and denote taste and refinement, but the unexpectedness of a SMILE will only add to its intrinsic beauty ;-))

However, THIN lips pressed firmly together, denote meanness and bitterness, and if a woman has any of those traits of character, they're often impressed on her LIPS.

A thin hard mouth can easily provoke an enemy! Yet thankfully, all mean expressions on a woman's face will become insignificant when her character is IDEAL.

On the other hand, warmth and sensuality is easily attributed to the FULLER more luscious types of mouths. And when the character and expressions are fine, puffy, pink and kissable lips only seem to give them a more generous glow.

In addition, RELAX your lip muscles lovely, and subtly parting your lips will make them look bigger ;-)

A seductress does all that she can to make her lips look more inviting and kissable, as well as fuller!

Besides lip-plumping cosmetics (which are often expensive and over-rated,) there are things you can do at home, and the ingredients may already be in your kitchen, to make your lips appear bigger, redder and more seductive (more about that later.)

Furthermore, to work your way up to the FIRST kiss with a man, and the best thing to do is start with lots of hugging! Hug a man until the feelings of affection and passion naturally flow. And until both of you are unable to resist each other’s lips.

By the way dove, when a man's REALLY enamored by you, but a little bit shy with women, he may start with little kisses to your forehead, your cheeks and your eyelids.

How to Kiss Like a Seductress - Learn to Be a Good Kisser

Before your first kiss with a man, begin by moistening your lips (with gloss or your your tongue first,) and do the previous steps (to look approachable and to hint that you want to be kissed :-))

When he's responding favorably to you, lean in a bit, and approach his lips slowly, with your face at an ANGLE. Maintain eye contact while doing so, but when your faces are almost completely together, close your eyes (while puckering your lips slightly, and then opening your lips a bit.)

**Most people prefer to kiss with their eyes CLOSED. However, some prefer to keep their eyes open while kissing a partner (but I think that could make them look rather cross-eyed. Don't you agree?)

When your lips have finally touched, either gently start kissing the man's upper and lower lip with both of your lips, or follow the man's LEAD.

During this step, you'll need to parting your lips a little, so that your partner's top or bottom lip will be going between the both of your lips. Then, apply a little bit of pressure with your lips on his, while gently PULLING on his top or bottom lip with yours.

Keep alternating this process (and the man will usually be kissing your opposite lip in return,) but make sure not to be applying too much FORCE or pressure cupcake!

**As long as a kiss isn't forceful or sloppy, it should be enjoyable. And the best kisses can go on for hours.

How to Kiss Like a Seductress - Learn How to French Kiss

A French kiss is almost the POETRY of kissing; a kiss of wanting, needing and exploring. Moreover, this is an open-mouth kiss, and the most sensual and passionate kiss there is.

A seductress naturally loves French kissing, and may kiss her man like she can't get ENOUGH of him - and like she may never get to see him, or kiss him, again.

In addition, some married couples are so ruled by their passion and desire for each other, that when it's unleashed, it can be so magical and delicious that they just can’t STOP (or seem to get enough.)

To French kiss a man, start by kissing him in the almost closed-mouth manner that I described previously, but the first time, you may have to brush your tongue slightly across the man's lips to convey that you want a French kiss!

Furthermore dove, with French kissing, you have to open your mouth a little bit wider, while gently pushing the tip of your TONGUE into the man's mouth - until the tips of your tongues meet.

Then, you start gently moving and brushing the tip of your tongue against his (alternating taking the lead) - and exploring his mouth with your tongue (don't forget to breathe.)

The tongue is also a very sensitive organ, so French kissing can be very pleasurable - but never probe a man's mouth with a stiff tongue (keep your tongue supple,) or put your tongue too FAR in his mouth!

I'll also add that excessive saliva can build up during French kissing, which is a big turn-off for most people, so periodically swallow it. Moreover French Kissing is meant to be done SLOWLY.

Besides kissing, you can put your hand/s on your man's back, shoulder, neck, face or in his hair, while you're kissing him. And after kissing your man slowly and passionately with your lips and tongue - and reciprocating his actions - pull your tongue away from his for a bit.

The next step is to repeat the kiss. Furthermore, you can start gently sucking on your man's lip/s - even nibbling on them. And when you pull away from the kiss, lightly suck on his lip as you PART.

The second, and subsequent times you French kiss a man, you can push your tongue a little further into his mouth - breathing deeply all the while. A great kisser also knows that kissing is about 'give-and-take' - and responding with fervor.

**The more you kiss a man, and practice doing it with him, the BETTER you'll get at it! And thankfully, a bad kisser can become a really good kisser is they genuinely want to.

How to Kiss Like a Seductress - Be Tentative, and Then, Bold and Confident!

A seductress really loves to kiss her man when he kisses her - but will hold back from time to time just to make him breathless for MORE. Therefore, she may kiss him on the cheek and just on the edges of his lips at first, and give him tentative quick pecks.

If her man wants to take it further, she'll be prepared. She'll lean into him a bit (showing she's a bit hesitant but not really averse to being kissed,) and open her mouth slightly, in a provocative way.

When her man moves in suddenly to start the kiss, she doesn't gobble him up right away dove *giggle*- but just opens her mouth tentatively as if she's unsure. The, she closes her eyes, and the kiss progresses by itself.

**When it's with a man you have CHEMISTRY with, a kiss will always pick up intensity and passion on its own. And become bold and confident!

How to Kiss Like a Seductress - Have Soft, Kissable Lips and Fresh Breath

The cherry ripeness of a seductress's lips, are charming to every male beholder. But when a man is CRAZY about you, and you turn him on, his desire will not only be to arouse your senses, but to penetrate your mouth, taste your tongue, run his tongue over your lips and make you quiver with delight :-)

In addition, a deep, passionate and sensual kiss (such as French kissing,) usually means that you'll be exchanging saliva. Therefore, you must prepare yourself for this delightful onslaught by making sure your lips are soft, your mouth tastes SWEET - and that your breath is totally fresh and clean.

Ensure that your lips are SMOOTH and moist - not dry, cracked or chapped (not a good look for any seductress!) You should also be exfoliating your lips daily, and be regularly applying a medicated lip balm - or a lip gloss infused with silicone or peptides - to keep them soft and healthy.

I personally like to use Lucas Paw Paw Ointment as a nightly moisturizer for my lips :-)

To EXFOLIATE the lips, I have two methods. The first is to use brown sugar. With wet fingertips, I move the sugar granules (in constant small circular motions,) over the entire surface of my lips. Then, I rinse (and am left with a lingering sugary sweetness on my lips.)

The second method is to apply Lucas Paw Paw Ointment (or Vaseline) to my lips and brush over my lips with a toothbrush for about 15 seconds. This exfoliation method will remove ALL the chapped skin on your lips - which isn't seductive.

Speaking of seductive, there's nothing as anti-seductive on a woman, or as a turn-off, as BAD breath! Naturally poor dental hygiene, tooth decay and abscesses cause an odorous breath, as does too much acid in the stomach.

However, a seductress will do all that she can to AVOID having bad breath, and take excellent care of her teeth and gums - with good dental hygiene. She'll also see her dentist - regularly.

For good dental hygiene, your toothbrush should be of good quality, and be renewed at least monthly. The bristles should be moderately stiff and uneven in size, so that their shape conforms to the lines of the teeth.

In order to remove food particles retained between the teeth, the brush should be used with an up and down movement (and special attention given to the point where the gums and teeth meet.)

Another good way of removing food from the crevices of the teeth is to fill the mouth with warm salty water, and by suction, force the particles out. Dental floss is also a very effective method of removing foreign substances from the teeth.

If a woman's teeth and stomach are HEALTHY, the chances are that the breath emanating from her mouth will be sweet. However, when bad breath is caused by stomach problems, a dentist should be consulted and your diet adjusted by a naturopath.

Got a date coming up soon, cupcake? If you're anticipating being kissed by that cutie, make sure you have mints or pink/red candies on hand - so that your mouth will smell, and even taste, sweet. Candies and mints will also make your lips moist and slightly tinted with color.

Furthermore, you can buy lip moisteners or flavored lip glosses (such as strawberry and cherry flavored lip-gloss) in drug stores and supermarkets. Moreover, do make sure to wear a tint and flavor of lip gloss/lipstick that your boyfriend or husband likes.

How to Kiss Like a Seductress - Get Fuller and More Seductive Lips

For men, when a woman's mouth is beautiful in shape and expression, and is pink or red in color, it's a JOY to behold. Moreover, a feminine woman with a puffy 'bee-stung' pout (like Angelina Jolie or Kim Kardashian,) is almost always considered to be desirable by men.

Such a look is popular with women as well. And the first rule of getting fuller and more seductive lips, is to choose a color of lipstick and/or lip-gloss that's PALER than your own natural lip color.

Kim Kardashian favors this particular look, and to get it, she uses the Mac lipstick in the color; 'Angel/Soft,' and NARS Lip Gloss in the shade; 'Turkish Delight.'

In addition, there's nothing more forbidding than a crimson streak of thin expressionless lips! However, you can transform a
thin pair of lips to a fuller and more shapely contour by lining them with a neutral lip-liner - that's just slightly darker than your own lip color.

Furthermore, you can apply a dab of pearly white highlighter, or lip-gloss, to the center of your bottom lip to make it appear fuller. Moreover, you can blend a small dab of pearly white highlighter above the cupid's bow of your lips to make them look more seductive.

You can take it even further by learning how to draw a 'shadow line' under your bottom lip - in the center area. Study pictures of celebrities - such as kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie and Paris Hilton (who all have full pouty lips) - to understand the effect I'm talking about :-)

If your mouth is wide, like Julia Roberts, apply a DEEPER
shade of lipstick to the very center of your lips. Choose a shade that's deeper than what's used on the rest of your mouth, and so the makeup is heavier in the center.

When making up your mouth, never extend the color beyond the outer edges
of the mouth - in the hope of widening it. This merely presents a grotesque effect when your face is seen in profile.

Homemade Lip-plumping Recipe - For Plump, Rosy CHERRY Lips (No lipstick Needed!)

Want to get CHERRY LIPS - lips like a seductress - and make them fuller and more seductive dove? Would you also like to be able to minimize the use of lipstick by having 'naturally' rosy lips? Then, try this homemade lip-plumping recipe!



Table salt

Cinnamon powder (lip-plumpers such as 'Lip Venom' often use cinnamon to increase circulation in the lips and make them swell.)

Red/pink food coloring or a cut piece of raw beetroot

You'll also need;

A small pot with a lid

A lip brush


Preparation Method;

In a small pot, put some Vaseline. Add a
half a teaspoon each of salt and cinnamon to the Vaseline.

Stir and blend.

Now, with your fingertips, apply the mixture to your lips, rubbing and exfoliating them WELL. You'll soon notice that your lips will become tingly and puffier from the cinnamon.

Leave the mixture on your lips for 5-7 minutes, and then wipe off with a tissue.

Using a lip brush, dip the tip of the lip brush into a bottle of red/pink food coloring - or into the juice of a freshly cut beetroot.

Apply the coloring generously (so the color will last a few days,) and evenly to your lips.

Leave the color on your lips to stain them overnight. In the morning, after you've brushed your teeth etc, add a slick of Vaseline, Lucas Paw Paw Ointment or lip-gloss to your lips.

Anyhow cupcake, I do hope you enjoyed my article; 'How to Kiss Like a Seductress - And Get Fuller and More Seductive Lips.'

Much love,
Melina xxx

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