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Seduction Archetypes and Seducer Types In The Art of Seduction

Even before the concept of seduction archetypes and seducer types became popular, even before the art of seduction became a popular subject, the historical enchantresses, with their philters and enthrallments were FABULOUS.

At a time when women were generally too passively indifferent (and passe,) to attempt to entice and captivate men, a natural born/self-made seductress displayed the ULTIMATE lures of attraction.

In the charm of their voices, in the grace of their manners, in the perfume of their lips, in their use of unguents, in their desire to please (they were devoted to the high art of it,) there was a subtlety of seduction so new and unimagined, it was MAGICAL.

The stories of the world's greatest seductresses; with their mind-spells, refinements and consequent dominations, were all due to their vast knowledge of the art of seduction.) And exerted gradually an influence that was as wide as it was profound.

Yet, up to today, the philosophy of their special world, and of the 'Ars Amatoria,' has been privy to a select FEW only. Feminissima - School of Feminine Arts

Practically every courtesan, geisha and royal mistress in history embraced a certain 'seduction archetype' - or archetypes. Not only that, but the most famous seductress women in history were gorgeous HYBRID personalities, and had a combination of qualities that men like best.

In addition, these charmeuses would cultivate and hone their feminine charms to PERFECTION. And with their unsupassable feminine wiles, suggested a kind of magic - and perhaps it was a kind of magic dove - for almost every seductress in history has had some sort of power to hypnotize.

They also captivated men by their image, presence, imagination and performance.... and in the process, elicited the rapt attention, imagination and adoration of many men. Their charms, as well as feminine wiles were;

Physically luscious
Emotionally touching
Intellectually stimulating
Imaginatively beguiling

Every modern seductress, worth her salt, should learn how to hypnotize a man, and identify herself with a particular seduction archetype or seducer type that MATCHES her own natural qualities. Then, she should further develop her powers of attraction from those qualities.

Since the time of Plato, there have been archetypes - but psychological archetypes, as a concept, were advanced in 1919 by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. In the advances of this psychological framework there were five main archetypes;

The self
The shadow
The anima
The animus
The persona

Out of these concepts, there arose some notable archetypal images that have been recurring in various written works and research throughout the years. These archetypes are;

The child
The hero
The great mother
The wise old man
The sage
The trickster or the fox
The devil or Satan
The scarecrow
The mentor

Then, there came out various books about the art of seduction various seduction archetypes/seducer types. One author put forward nine seducer types, another said that there are seven - and another, six.

Whatever or whoever we choose to believe, we at least want to know the basic character traits coming from deep within ourselves - and from an individual - that brings out a seductive PULL. Moreover, when we've identified ourselves with a certain seduction archetype, we can develop our powers of attraction from our own natural qualities.

Thankfully, nature hasn't endowed us all with the very same attributes, and when we've recognized our gifts, we can ADD to them, develop our traits around them, and add mystery and charm to our personality. Now, let's take a look at the seduction archetypes and seducer types....

Seduction Archetype - The Ideal Lover

The ideal lover is the man or woman who embodies every one's dreams. Many have felt disillusioned because their dream man or woman, who they'd been fantasizing about since their teens, seemed to be just a figment of their imaginations. Then an ideal lover comes along that offers them everything they've ever wanted; adventure, romance, a spiritual and emotional connection, physical and intellectual stimulation.....

The ideal lover is an exceptionally multi-dimensional individual, and knows what a target wishes for and is able to play the role EXACTLY as the present man or woman wishes it to be. I suggest that all women try to become and ideal lover and I show you how to become an ideal lover in my online seduction academy for women;
Feminissima - School of Feminine Arts

Seduction Archetype - The Dandy

The dandy is the rather mysterious and ambiguous man or woman who can't be 100% accurately categorized - as an individual or gender - and doesn't seem to fall into any stereotypical male or female type. And even if these individuals are heterosexual, their vibes may be slightly homosexual.

The male or female dandy is not only conscious of their image, but of the way that they project themselves. Many dandies give off overtones of self-absorption and vanity, and seem to be selfish, not caring much about others.

The difficulty in categorizing a dandy, and in stirring them emotionally, make them desirable and a challenge to many men and women.

Seduction Archetype - The Natural

The natural is sincere, spontaneous and exhibits un-pretentiousness - all childlike traits evoking joyfulness and innocence. This trait is particularly attractive to the men and women who've had enough of the rakes, the dandies and the sirens.

Many modern men and women find the naturals refreshing and adorable. Furthermore,
a person will allow them self to fall for the natural because they want someone who they can trust and make them feel at ease.

Seduction Archetype - The Coquette

Coquettes are people who always play 'hard to get' in relationships. They're alternately hot and cold with the opposite sex, and may refuse to commit themselves fully. Moreover, they may trap a target emotionally by confusing them, and keep pushing and pulling them so that they're kept dangling on a string.

This seducer type is generally self-contained, self-involved, even a little narcissistic, leaving little space for other people in their lives. Coquettes are essentially distant and cold beings, but will suddenly warm up and give attention when you're least expecting them to. Only to take it swiftly away again.

It's true that we essentially want what we can't have, and this is the pull of the coquette. Strangely too, people seem to crave most for the coquettes - and for the attention that this type aren't willing to give!
The Seduction Secrets of a Coquette

Seduction Archetype - The Charmer

Many charmers seem to instinctively know how to provide pleasure and comfort for their targets, and due to their warm sunny personalities, are people magnets. The world also bestows its favors on the charmer, and such an individual is always in demand.
Charm Warfare – The Art of Charm for Seductresses

Natural charmers can create the kind of atmosphere which, perhaps unconsciously, diffuses itself into everything around them. However, the wiliness and real intentions of some charmers are often masked, and they're experts at adapting to the moods of their targets and making them dependent on them.

The charmer is a seducer type that makes him or herself USEFUL, provides fun and pleasure, and promotes peace, harmony and ease. This type is very popular with both sexes, even when plain to look at, and knows how to deflect attention away from himself/herself - concentrating instead, on the object of their desire.

Seduction Archetype - The Charismatic

The charismatic is magnetic,
exciting, and virtually pulsates with energy. These types are confident, look and feel content and have a huge sense of purpose. Many charismatics have a gift of energizing others and people of both sexes gravitate to them.

Seduction seems to flow to the charismatic. Like a moth's drawn to a FLAME, because it just can't help itself, a man or woman is drawn to a charismatic.

Charismatics are so desirable as a whole because they're so energizing and extraordinary. They also have that elusive 'X factor' or 'It' factor. You can learn the exact components that make up charisma in my charm warfare course ;-)

Seduction Archetype - The Siren

The siren is a very POTENT seduction archetype, a character who cleverly uses her instincts and inclinations to elicit certain responses in men. In doing so, the siren becomes associated with a mystical brand of sexuality and pleasure, and helps her targets to come up with the actual details of their fantasy of her, all on their own!

The siren’s under no illusion that a man is hers by destiny. She takes him captive as a matter of biological course, and knows that he's hers only so long as the mood will last. And she makes the mood last, but only because she's made it her VOCATION to sustain that mood by whatever means she has.

The siren is hard to get and coquettish to the hilt, always, but she’s not afraid to take the first and second and third step - in order to encourage a man and make him DREAM about her.

Sirens are so good at using their feminine wiles, that most men get permanently caught in their lairs (and behave obediently, fully submitting to them.)
The Art of Being a Siren

This seducer type is irresistible to many men.

Seduction Archetype - The Feminine Enigma

The feminine enigma is mysterious to men, always, and is a most enchanting seducer type. As for a bona fide seductress, she knows that the female should always be mysterious the male (sadly, most women are the complete opposite.)

A seductress also knows that a man’s impressions of her are set early in the game, and that she must be perceived as mysterious and ‘special’ - from the moment he lays eyes on her.

Seductress women in history, such as Lola Montez, embraced mystery, ambiguity and elusiveness. They not only saw themselves as unusual - but as something almost magical. They also didn't expect men to understand them, and were happy that men looked at them differently!

Feminine mystique is a one of the most powerful weapons in a seductress's arson. It’s it's a very rare and precious thing, and something that no man or psychology can ever explain. And when you're a mysterious creature, you’re fascinating, and men will be mystified.
The Art of Mystique - for Seductresses

Seduction Archetype - The Rake

Naturally dove, the rake (or the 'bad boy') is a seducer type that doesn't apply to a woman - however I'd still like to include this archetype in order to make you aware of it. A rake is a man who loves life’s pleasures, in particular, 'sinful pleasures,' and indulges himself heartily.

He's a connoisseur of women, and although women instinctively dislike his overboard and grandiose style of seducing, as well as his rather slippery character traits, few females can resist his potent brand of masculinity.

Although the rake often juggles several women at once, or is a cheater, he may not always hide his conquests. And each woman tends to believe that she is his true soul mate, and will eventually change and be reformed by her.

A rake is also so seductive to women because he treats the girl of the moment like she's the most beautiful and SPECIAL woman alive, and that there's no one quite like her. Such is the power and pull of the rake.

Anyhow cupcake, I do hope you enjoyed my article; 'Seduction Archetypes and Seducer Types In The Art of Seduction.'

Much love,
Melina xxx

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