Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Art and Power of Mystique - for Seductresses

The Art and Power of Mystique
– For Seductresses

The Art and Power of Mystique - for Seductresses,' a concise course for women - with Worksheets - exclusive to 'The Seductive Woman.'

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science” - Albert Einstein"

If you do not declare yourself immediately, you arouse expectation.... Mix a little mystery with everything, and the very mystery stirs up veneration. And when you explain, be not too explicit.... In this manner you imitate the Divine way when you cause men to wonder and watch." Baltasar Gracian, 1601-1658

This is the only course of its kind that will teach you everything you need to know on how to cultivate feminine mystique and on how to be mysterious in a relationship. This is one of the 'Ars Amatoria' weapons of the courtesans, the geisha and the great seductresses of history!

Play-writers and, essayists from the past had a rather complimentary attitude towards mysterious women. To these men, every woman was supposed to be 'playing a part behind a mask,' and they were always investigating woman as an enchanting and unfathomable mystery.

There was also an extravagantly complimentary view taken by the troubadours and poets, that was based upon the notion that woman was a fascinating and unexplainable being.

Men adore mysterious women and their mysterious ways- because feminine mystique always excites and enchants them!

It's a well known fact that the more of an 'open book' you are - the less alluring and captivating you appear to the opposite sex.

When women started to adopt the idea of being a mysterious woman is uncertain. However, it still has a very practical and profound bearing on life today, as well as on the women in it!

In a world growing increasingly familiar, what seems mysterious and enigmatic will instantly draw attention. Especially when it comes to today's dating/relationship arena.

Many men tend to rate the average woman in the same categories, little self-control, easy to get, not enough of a challenge, boring.... So anything a woman can do to build suspense, and distance herself from this group of predictable women stands to get her noticed.

Her mysterious and enigmatic air, as well as her 'distance' can’t be quickly and easily explained.....'

This course will show you how to be a mysterious woman - and to really keep a man really guessing, intrigued and on his toes.

Increasing the mystery = an increase in a man's passion!

A woman who has an illusive and mysterious air around her attracts men to her like bees to honey.

Men have LOVED - and will always love - mysterious women!

You can learn the exact elements of feminine mystique, and how to strike the right balance - in portraying ambiguity and mysteriousness. And, you will have one of the weapons of the most alluring women throughout history - the seductresses.

Note; this is the ONLY place where you can purchase this concise course with worksheets (this course is also copyrighted exclusively by me.)

Look at the benefits you'll receive when you gain access to 'Art and Power of Mystique - for Seductresses;'

• Get an edge over the female competition – no matter what you look like - with a "little known" secret of the seductresses, courtesans and geisha

• Learn a seduction skill that 99% of women have no idea about - and are missing out on the benefits it gives

• Become the ultimate fantasy woman

• Make a man become obsessed over you (in a good way!)

• Dramatically increase your “market value” as a seductress

• Make a man think about you all of the time

• KEEP a man’s interest and desire

• Master the art of being a woman

• Take back your feminine power in relationships

• Stop making those relationship mistakes that have cost you dearly

• Make a man even more attracted to you

And so much more!

Only $7.95 (on SALE for a limited time only, usually $14.95!)

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