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The Art of Beautification for Seductresses

The Art of Beautification –

For seductresses

The kind of beauty that befits ultimate femininity.
The kind of feminine appearan
ce that fascinates a man.... "Nature certainly does something for woman, but the art of beauty makes the perfect woman!"

'La beaute' pour moi c'est la divinite' visible, c'est le bonheur palpable, c'est le ciel descendu sur terre.' - Theophile Gautier 'Beauty, they say is but, skin-deep. That is quite deep enough to enslave mankind!'

*This 35 part course; 'The Art of Beautification for Seductresses,' is about cultivating the feminine style, image and beauty of a seductress! It also contains the exact knowledge of the PROS; the Hollywood stylists, makeup artists, and image consultants. It has taken years to compile and contains all the advice of top Hollywood diet and fitness gurus.The Art of Beautification – For Seductresses

The truth is that any woman can use these closely guarded secrets of youth, and feminine beauty that will help her look more feminine as well as transform her entire feminine image into a feminine seductress- once she gets her hands on them!

Here's what this amazing feminine image course will teach you....

1. Serious skin care - how to have soft feminine skin as well as flawless skin - with the very best skin care regime known today. Have skin that is glowing, radiant and youthful - (and for decades after others look their true biological age!

With the right anti aging skin care, it really is possible to have fantastic skin beyond your sixties.)

What are the secrets for having 'celebrity skin, what are the lies that cosmetic companies tell about their essentially useless products and why are sponsored 'clinical studies' are basically a sham?

The answers in the art of beauty - the authentic art of beauty!

What are the best makeovers, the most powerful beauty treatments available today - beauty treatments for preventing and reversing acne, dry skin, wrinkles, sagging facial muscles, cellulite and stretch marks? (Note; it has nothing to do with using trendy brand name products or the cost.)

What are the most highly-rated skincare products? What are the things you can do that can truly take ten years off your face and body. Also, the best acne skin care products, sensitive skin care, natural skin care products and antioxidants skin care for feminine beauty.

2. What are the very BEST PERFORMING cosmetic, hair and beauty products around?

We give you extensive lists. (No! It isn't anything at all about the price you pay, individuals being paid to 'praise' it, its popularity or brand. It is about the tube in your hand containing effective ingredients that really work - not ripping you off and deceiving you.) Also, the quantity of each individual ingredient, the pH levels in the skin care product etc; must be considered.

The truth is, many of the beauty care products sitting on your bathroom shelf are in reality - full of essentially useless ingredients. The knowledge here could literally save you thousands of dollars when you walk into the beauty supply store! We help you discover the best skin treatments and anti-aging skin care out there.

We give you the best kept secrets on how to reverse aging and acne.

3. Learn to be a pro at applying your makeup. All the makeup tips on how to get it right. Did you know that you can even be just as good as a top makeup artist? Forget paying for expensive courses or paying for a make up artist.
Find out what you can do to learn it in your own home. Give yourself a real makeover!

Want lips like Angelina Jolie? Get them with now with this little technique....

4. Smile makeover - how to get the healthiest and whitest teeth, a great looking smile and the freshest breath! The best home and professional dental whitening treatments out there.

5. Hair makeover - the best hair care tips on how to get a 'crown of glory.' How to transform your hair into the healthiest, thickest and most feminine hair. Hair styling tips and advice. What are the secrets to getting shiny hair and of getting your hair to grow much faster?
Long hair care.

How do you stop female hair-loss? What are the best hair care products that will really work? Natural and homemade hair care. All about hair extensions....

6. How to get the loveliest nails for that polished 'up town girl'. What not to use or do when doing your manicure or pedicure. What is that one little thing that separates a well-groomed, feminine and sophisticated woman from a badly-groomed woman? The best nail care advice for healthy, strong and long nails here....

7. Body makeover - how to look after your body temple and look fit, toned and amazing. Getting the perfect feminine figure with the best diet plan. Quick weight loss tips and information that only paid top personal fitness and health gurus teach.

Nutritional advice; why what you put into your mouth (and what you do) is virtually how you will look. Summer weight loss - how to lose weight in the healthiest, quickest and effective way.
Weight loss motivation. Weight loss supplements. We give you the best weight loss program that beats any popular fad diet.

Eliminate and remove cellulite forever (if Demi Moore can get rid of cellulite - so can we!)

Fad diets and why they are bad. The detox diet.
The truth about cellulite treatments and cellulite reduction. The truth about stretch-mark products - what you really have to know and do if you want to stop wasting money and get real results and get REAL RESULTS!

The best weight-loss program....

8. Smelling good and the power of perfume. Were you aware that there is a direct correlation between your personal feminine scent and your sexual attractiveness? (And, it is not just any scent!)

Learn all about pheromones, and the ones that really work.
Warning: previously distant and un-responsive people may suddenly become more warm and responsive to you! Men will find you more alluring but will not know why....

What are the secret scents that almost every man goes crazy for and the exact pheromones that draw them to you like honey does to bees?

9. Bathing feminine beauty; the luxury of bathing and all about home-made beauty and spa treatments (you will feel yourself floating away into bliss.) Learn how to make your own honey dust. Home made natural beauty recipes and other luscious recipes for homemade feminine beauty concoctions and rituals here!

10. Celebrity beauty secrets and an interesting list of celebrity beauty treatments.
11. Superfluous hair removal for a smooth, silky and feminine body. From threading to laser hair treatments - the conventional and natural methods. How to make your own effective hair removal; halawa sugaring and waxing formulas in the luxury of your own home - naturally.

12. To tan or not to tan? How to get the most gorgeous, sun-kissed and natural tan - without ruining your health or skin in the process. Some of the best fake tanning products.

13. Your lashes and brows will be making or breaking your feminine look. Have you ever noticed that the models and celebrities always have the perfect brows for their particular type of face? What about having the longest and thickest eyelashes?

How to get the maximum lashes and perfectly shaped brows like these? All about eyelash extensions and how to do them yourself - and save money in the process! How to prevent and treat ingrown hairs, razor rashes etc; How to bleach your body hairs

14. 'She walks in beauty;' choosing feminine clothing and accessories for the feminine style and effect. Want to look classy or breathtaking? Ever wished you could look exotic or nymph-like on a special occasion? How should you dress on a date?

Do you want the perfect prom look or feminine hairstyle? Lots of amazing dress tips and fashion advice info in this book. (Remember - looking a million dollars is not really about money and wearing designer brands. It is about being ingenious!)

15. Cosmetic surgery and if and why it may be good for you.

Once you purchase this course, I'll send you an invitation to 'The Seductress Lair' where you'll be able to study The Art of Beautification for Seductresses.

Only $9.95 (on SALE for a limited time only, usually $29.95!)

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