Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Feminissima - School of Feminine Arts - Questions & Answers

Will others in this course know my real name and identity? Will I be incognito on this site?

No one will see you online or know who you are. You can sign in the site with a screen name. Your real name or log-in will never be visible on the site.

Can I cancel the monthly subscription?

Of course. You can cancel your subscription anytime. However, there’s no refund if you do.

Is it a lot of material to read and digest? Or is it a systematic step by step type of deal with lessons, rules, and solutions on how to handle situations?

This school is just like a blog really, that's updated once or twice a week with lessons on a particular subject. The whole curriculum, is gradually revealed - not given all at once.

A realistic time frame for learning and assimilating the materials in this course, as well as putting them into practice, can only be defined by you. Some women could do it in 6 months, other 2 years or longer.

Will there be feedback during this course?

No, this course is about personal study, in which case you study the modules at your own leisure. You should also read any books I recommend. Therefore, one of the main objectives of this course is just absorbing the materials in your own free time, and perfecting the techniques on the one you want!

Are there any age restrictions for this course? What age is best to start learning the art of seduction and the feminine arts?

Due to some adult content on this course, it’s only suitable for those students 18 yrs and older. The material is designed for adults. Fortunately, it’s never too late to master the feminine arts or start developing your abilities.

I really want to join this course, but I have financial problems. Is it possible to get free tuition?

For issues related to the course fees, there are other things you can do to ‘earn’ your fees. Contact me at godsprincess318(delete this space) to find out how.

I really want to learn from you, but don’t feel I would have the time to study!

Where there’s a will there’s a way…. and a thousand excuses! Good time management will definitely solve that problem.

Whose advice could help me in deciding to study at the Feminissima – School of Feminine Arts?

Help can only come from the loyal readers of my sites, and on my facebook group, many who I've personally have helped. Don’t forget, successful women always make up their own minds. They don’t follow the crowd and listen to the beat of their own drum!

If I join your school, how quickly will it take for me to improve my personal life, and solve any relationship problems I may have?

The tools on Feminissima aren’t a magic wand. Everything is up to you and nobody can do the work for you. It really depends how committed you are. And in order to change your life you’ll need to get off the couch and get to it.

That being said, you should notice changes within yourself right away!

My boyfriend dumped me. I now have one goal - to get him back. If I start your course, could I reach this goal?

Definitely! It works for getting straying husbands back too.

What guarantees do you have after graduating this course, that I'll have a man who adores me and be blissfully married?

Imagine that you came to a gymnasium and asked; "What's your guarantee that I'll become a master gymnast?" Well, if you use all your will-power and forces, you can probably reach this level of 'Ars Amatoria.'

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