Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welcome to the Seductive Woman

Welcome dove, to 'The Seductive Woman.' This the place where you will discover the art of being a woman - a seductive and FEMININE woman - and it's a very wonderful thing you were born a woman!

If you know any woman unskilled in the arts of femininity and seduction, let her come here; where she will soon become adept. Beautiful women are a dime a dozen but truly seductive and feminine women are rare.

Is it wrong to be seductive - or to study the art of seduction for that matter? Furthermore, what is a seductress? When most people hear the words "seductress," "seductive" or "seduction," pertaining to a woman, they think of somebody who's promiscuous.

I don't think that at all, and forget the sleazy stereotype! I personally I think of these words as meaning;

1. Being the most fetching, alluring and enticing woman to men.

2. A woman who knows how to develop and use her feminine charms, weapons and wiles to the fullest capacity - to entice the one she wants (into a relationship, not her bed!) relationship .

3. The ways a woman keeps a husband enticed and captivated by her.

In a nutshell; seduction is the feminine art of enchanting and holding men.

So an effort to master this art of enchanting men is not in the least bit immoral. And is it immoral to be winsome, adorable, or bewitching?

Seductive, feminine and charming women always have hosts of beaus flocking around them, while other women just as good-looking, never have a date or a single man to bless themselves with.

With her many feminine charms, a seductive woman can snap her fingers in the face of a man, and lure him as quickly as she pleases - and still have a waiting list of adorers in case anything fatal should happen to her current adorer.

Learn the art of being a woman - a feminine seductress - there will be new horizons before you - your personality and physical appearance will bloom - your sense of being a desirable woman worthy of affection and love will become REAL. Relationships will blossom.

This is a time for a new beginning cupcakes! Come take my hand and let's together discover a new sense of joy, femininity, and lusciousness! To live it fully is to enjoy one of life's most delightful experiences - being a WOMAN.

I’m going to show you how to get around any obstacles that may be in your way of becoming a feminine and seductive woman. Take whatever you need into your own life. Moreover, read this blog in it’s entirety. Let it sink in. And then read it again!

Much love,
Melina xxx

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