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The Art of Being a Woman; Feminine Grace

FEW women are endowed with an abundance of Feminine Grace.

The words "grace," "graceful," and "gracious" all stem from the same root. The grace and love of God - without regard to our worthiness.

Being endowed with such grace means being beautiful and serene in every aspect dove.


Your thoughts.

Your living.

Your carriage.

Your movements.

Your interactions with other people.

The way you treat yourself. Many of us have seen a woman who we thought was just ordinary looking, who was even a little bit overweight, but who bagged an Adonis for a husband. This is the woman who often has a Feminine Grace, as well as graciousness, that other women FAIL to acquire.

An inner charm always shows through such women, and a man always notices Feminine Grace, and other such outstanding feminine traits. A truly graceful woman is a woman with a peculiar BALM in her spirit.

She's a serene woman (who's quietly confident of her femininity and beauty,) and draws others in with her calm aura of mystique.

**However, due to the harsher realities of life, there may be a touch of gentle irony in many graceful women - along with the graciousness and sweetness.

Feminine Grace is cultivated and perfected through a special kind of living. The division is also quite obvious between the graceful/gracious woman and ungraceful/ungracious woman.

Nevertheless, the lifestyle of Feminine Grace is easier live than the MODERN version of ''womanhood,'' which often demands of the modern woman more than she should have to bear.

In fact lovely, I adamantly believe a woman's load should be LIGHT. And when you're living life as a truly feminine, graceful and gracious woman, underneath it all, you realize that you're missing nothing essential from life.

Gracefulness, as well as graciousness, isn't something that's on the surface either, it comes from within (and in my opinion, where God's grace and peace has found a nesting place.)
In addition, graceful living, as well as giving, grows out of our LOVE and gratitude.

Furthermore, a woman who's classed as feminine and graceful isn't loud, overbearing or highly-strung, ever. And withdraws into her own serenity and pleasure with the garden and her thoughts.

An IRRESISTIBLE woman is not only graceful, but confident and comfortable with what she has - and in her own skin. She may have her little faults and foibles, but she realizes that no one's perfect.

And takes consolation in her more outstanding qualities, while minimizing the flaws and making men feel comfortable and blessed to be around her :-)

The most irresistible women are content with their feminine and graceful appeal, and are CREATIVE in cultivating it. Moreover, they're serene and enjoy each moment of their lives.

Such women can also just read or do some tinkering or crafts, and are never bored or frowning in dissatisfaction.

Which can make a woman look ugly. Their happiness with their lot in life makes graceful women glow from WITHIN. And men see through the outward physical appearance and admire them for their inner radiance and charm.

When you take time to analyze the most ideal women and traits, you'll find that the women who are confident, serene, happy and independent are the types of women that all the quality men want.

When you make a man feel that he makes you happy just by BEING with him, yet you retain your serenity and independence, he'll be able to share more of himself.

To the MALE spirit, Feminine Grace is not only like having a soothing balm of honey applied to all the nooks and crannies, but like being presented with a banquet of sweetness *smile.*

As we're collectively in turmoil with our disappointments and discontents, the feminine soul that's found PEACE is submissive and accepting. And has something so different from others that it works like catnip.

When this superior brand of grace and graciousness finds a response in YOUR heart lovely, you virtually become a 'dove' woman.

Furthermore, your relationships with your man, as well as with your friends and neighbors become harmonious and gracious - in the truest sense.

Kindness, consideration and a loving attitude towards her man, family and peers is what makes a graceful 'dove' woman truly remarkable. These attributes also come from a joy within - as one can't hope to be graceful or gracious without a complete ACCEPTANCE of oneself.

Feminine grace and graciousness also comes from understanding and accepting personal limitations. And in the happiness and satisfaction of being gifted and exemplary.

**This accounts for the peace and serenity in the typical face and expression of dove women (and keeping a hold on the symbol of the dove, a woman can go through her life with an inner peace and serenity :-))

It's sometimes disheartening to learn how our modern women treat themselves, as well as their femininity. In keeping up with the modern world, many women have abandoned dressing up for occasions - and wearing pretty and feminine dresses.

Sadly too, although being serene, gracious and feminine makes the modern teenage girl distinct, it makes her a STRANGER among her peers.

Nevertheless, femininity and Feminine Grace and graciousness isn't really about wardrobe or floral dresses dove. But it definitely isn't about punky dressing, or the hip-hop or hard-rock music style of dressing!

Like femininity, it's is actually an ART form, and the feminine artist achieves that by living a life of serenity, graciousness and elegance. It's also about demonstrating polite and courteous behavior, and using charm and calm logic to go through the travails of daily life.

Feminine Grace and graciousness is exuding love and a bright light to serve as BEACONS to those who want to be near feminine beauty and serenity.

It's feeling good about being a WOMAN, with your inherent limitation and power.

In addition cupcake, the seduction of men is achieved through a gentle manipulation of the mind. And by exhibiting very attractive and ideal qualities that men just can't help falling for!

SEDUCTIVE Feminine Grace is about self-confidence and a high degree of self esteem, knowing you’re a beautiful and loving woman, and that a man just can’t help getting drawn in by your magnetic personality.

Your looks don't really come into this.

The truly feminine and graceful woman knows that she''s a COMPLETE person, no matter what she looks like. She also doesn’t need a man to make her secure, safe and complete but is happy to acknowledge that a member of the opposite sex is meant by nature to complement her.

She's not averse to the idea of a male protector either, and in fact welcomes it, and even seeks a superior specimen *wink.*

However, a woman endowed with feminine grace and seductiveness is empowered by her womanliness, and doesn't use feminine weakness as an excuse.

YES, she knows she can get many advantages by being sweet and adorable, but she's strong, likes what she is, and is comfortable in her role!

In addition, a truly feminine and graceful woman is rather UNIQUE in her being - in the way she dresses and presents herself to the word. Furthermore, she doesn't need to follow trendy styles just to be “in.”

The feminine and graceful woman delights in her individuality, and knows what looks good on her. And what brings out her beauty. She also savors every learning experience to IMPROVE herself, and to make herself superior.

Therefore, she can converse with confidence, showing off her unique knowledge and wisdom.

A wisdom that makes her able to preserve her poise in the world.

The feminine and graceful woman revels in the beauty of the natural world.

She revels in the peace of a SIMPLE life;

The fire burning at night.

The purring of the pussy cat.

The smell of freshly baked bread.

The rising of the sun.

The magic of a rainbow.

The sheen of the dew on the grass....

In addition, taking care of her feminine body, and luxuriating in beauty enhancement lotions and oils to make her skin supple and soft is a hallmark of a feminine and graceful woman.

She knows and accepts what she is, and is very proud of her skin, her features and does everything within her power to beautify herself.

So she can present herself in a serene and gracious manner in public.

The real charm of the woman with feminine grace and graciousness is her inner happiness and contentment - making her glow and her eyes shine.

In addition, her Feminine Grace draws those of the opposite sex to her, basking in her glow.

The graceful and gracious woman doesn't need to rely on other people to make her happy either. She's found various hobbies and productive endeavors to keep her busy and occupied.

There's nothing as anti-seductive, or as boring, in a social situation as a BORED woman dove!

A truly graceful and gracious woman is never bored, but takes joy in the little things of life; little outings, little pleasures, a country drive.... and likes to use her feminine gifts and talents in making others happy.

Anyhow cupcake, I do hope you enjoyed my post; 'The Art of Being a Woman; Feminine Grace.'

Much love, Melina xxx

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