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Women of Excellence, Femininity and Charm

"Once or twice in a life-time we are permitted to enjoy the charm of noble manners in the presence of a man or woman who have no bar in their nature, but whose character emanates freely in their word and gesture.

A beautiful form is better than a beautiful face; a beautiful behavior is better than a beautiful form; it gives a higher pleasure than statues or pictures. It is the finest of the fine arts."

There's a wonderful attribute of personality which belongs to the most feminine, ideal and SEDUCTIVE women - just as color and fragrance belongs to the flower, and, light and color belongs to the jewel. This may be referred to as "feminine charm."

Feminine charm is an ART, dove, but it also suggests magic. It could even be seen as a type of mental sorcery and warfare (Madame Recamier was a woman who was particularly good at this type of sorcery and warfare :-))

The word "charm" in its most basic sense, may be taken to cover the art of general social adjustment, ranging from the the simplest of common courtesies to the highest beauty of ceremony.

The Japanese geisha have mastered the delightful art of charm Charm Warfare – The Art of Charm for Seductresses , and have been mastering it for centuries. And the ever-increasing complexity and demands of modern society puts an ever-increasing PREMIUM on a woman's social behavior.

**Nevertheless, you only have to look at the younger women of today to start wondering if the breed of charming, feminine and well-mannered girls will soon be EXTINCT. I've personally noticed too, that many teenage girls are dressing more like under-age hookers than delightfully feminine enchantresses.

In addition, just by listening to them, you'd think that some of them came from pigsties, and that their habits must be as vulgar as their conversation!

Even grown women today can be as rude, crude, slovenly and ANTI-SEDUCTIVE. However, there's another trait that makes a woman anti-seductive, but often without her realizing it.... snobbishness (a hallmark of the unsure.)

Only true breeding and personal cultivation consists in avoiding all forms of anti-seductive behavior, and attending to the ABC's of personal excellence, femininity and charm with care. And with a regard for the sensibilities of others, and a concern for the DIGNITY of one's self!

Furthermore lovely, QUALITY men judge women by similar standards, or the lack thereof. For example, a man will judge a woman by;

The way she dresses (and how much skin she chooses to bare in public.)

The way she speaks, and whether she refrains from cussing/swearing and vulgarity.

How feminine she is in her behavior.

How poised, graceful and lady-like she is.

How warm, charming, gracious and hospitable she is.

How much substance and propriety she portrays.

How much value she appears to offer.

The standards she appears to have.

Surely each of us has something to recommend to each other, and to quality men, besides the clothes we wear, the furniture we own or the cars we drive? And looking around us lovely, I'm sure you'll agree with me that it's necessary to emphasize (again and again,) the ABC's of personal excellence, femininity and charm!

In ancient Greece, if a hetaera (a Grecian courtesan,) was feminine and beautiful she was deified, if charming she was adored. They were indeed women of excellence as far as cultivating one's intellect and feminine charms were concerned.

Furthermore, the hetaera learned that the rightful path in life consisted in passing from beautiful manners to beautiful thoughts, from beautiful thoughts to beautiful aspirations, from beautiful aspirations to beautiful meditations - which was considered "beauty supreme."
It was Aspasia (a Milesian woman and hetaera who became famous for her involvement with the Athenian statesman Pericle,) who's beauty first attracted Pericles. But she was more than just a beauty, she was a woman of excellence, charm and spirituelle!

Aspasia was said to have advised Pericles concerning the conduct of the state, and even to have written some of his best speeches.

**Remember, beauty does attract a man, cupcake, but only charm and graciousness and EXCELLENCE can detain.

Gifted and accomplished, the Greek hetaera were the only women with whom an enlightened Athenian male could converse. Generally, their conversations were with the artists, philosophers and the intelligentsia of their city.

Their distinction from other women was extreme. Plato had one of them for muse. Sophocles another. And they devoted themselves to the study of every feminine art that contributed toward being charming, delightful and fascinating.

The hetaera were superior to other women in more ways than one. Like the Venetian and French courtesans, they were women of excellence, as well as the intellectual EQUALS of men.

The men of Athens would sometimes persuade their wives to come to Aspasia's house and listen to her arguments. This says a lot dove, about the FASCINATION of Aspasia, an ancient Greek hetaera, and that respectable wives actually came to her house to hear what she had to say.

Cleopatra, semi-Greek, and a daughter of the Ptolomies, had the 'killer charm' of the hetaera, as well as of the all the seductress women of history. To aptitudes natural and great, she added a varied assortment of feminine accomplishments.

It's said that Cleopatra could talk to any one in any tongue. Admittedly, that was probably an exaggeration. But, she certainly was an ambitious woman, as well as lettered, charming, feminine, seductive....

Furthermore, Cleopatra was a masterful SEDUCTRESS and siren The Art of Being a Siren A match and fantasy for any man.

A woman of excellence never fails to appreciate and cultivate these, and similar aptitudes. She's the woman who looks up to the great ladies The World's Great Ladies, Advanced Femmes and Femi...
, and to the charming, the well-mannered and to the "lovely."

And to the women who've lifted themselves up from the masses, with personal and vocational achievementS, to move across a stage of their OWN own setting (while other women would never think of interesting themselves in such matters, concerning themselves merely with shallow, trivial things.)

Furthermore, the most feminine and seductive women are IMPECCABLE, in their personal presentation The Art of Beautification for Seductresses
, in their womanliness, in their behavior.... And are impressed by the simple niceties of life; cleanliness and health; beauty and elegance; and the graceful accoutrements of life.

This is the first rung on the ladder for those who seek to climb out of the "primordial ooze," dove, and to stand out from the sea of mundane, bimbofied and defeminized women!

It's true that the world is full of JEALOUS, envious and competitive woman. The more feminine and seductive you are, the more witty, charming and radiant, and the more male attention and attraction you create, the more you'll meet with envy and jealousy.

Even with antagonism.

Yet for every social and feminine art YOU and your kind master, you get a possible host of NEW, nicer and better friends ;-)

In every big city, in every small town, there's the "mold breakers" and "Advanced Femmes" on the tree of womanhood. These are also the women who've been trained by their mothers and grandmothers, aunties and/or feminine role-models to be feminine, graceful and elegant - in everything they do!

Furthermore, with their gifts of charm, persuasion and influence, women of excellence, femininity and charm can attract the very BEST men of their generation, polishing them and causing them to make the most of themselves as men.

What the hetaera, geisha and courtesans did for older societies (in the way of contributing intellectually etc,) the young (and not so young) women of excellence, femininity and charm can do for this one. There can also be a NEW, different breed of women, as well as new models and expositions of femininity Feminissima - School of Feminine Arts

And all very empowered and interesting *smile.*

Anyhow cupcake, I do hope you enjoyed my article; 'Women of Excellence, Femininity and Charm!'
Much love,
Melina xxx

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