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The World's Great Ladies, Advanced Femmes and Feminine Role Models - Part One

Abigail - the wise and beautiful wife of Nabal, a rich and dissolute Hebrew. On his death, Abigail became King David's wife.

- a 15th century Italian poetess who was noted for her feminine beauty and genius.

Agnes, Saint / Saint Agnes
- a 13 year old Christian martyr at Rome in the Diocletian persecution. Being beautiful, many young noblemen sought her in marriage, but she asserted she was consecrated to heaven. For this she was denounced and tortured, and dragged before idols, which she refused to worship.

- a 15th century mistress of Charles VII of France. Her influence over this monarch was powerful, rousing him from his apathy, and incited him to resist the attacks of the English.

Agrippina I
- a talented and ambitious granddaughter of the Emperor Augustus, and of noble character. Agrippina accompanied her husband Germanicus in the German war, and during his absence, assumed command of a wing of the army. On her return she received an ovation in Rome.

Aisse, Demois / Demois Aisse
- a 17th century French letter writer who was originally a Circassian slave of wondrous physical beauty. The beautiful Demoise's letters were published with notes by Voltaire.

Albrizzi, Isabella T / Isabelle T Albrizzi
- 17-18th century Italian writer and born on the island of Corfu. Isabella Albrizzi married a Venetian nobleman, and her house in Venice became the resort of noted people. Byron termed her the 'Venetian de Stael' after Madame de Stael, the famous French-Swiss courtesan and writer.

Alcott, Louisa May / Louisa May Alcott
- a popular 18th century American writer born at Germantown, Philadelphia. Her book "Little Women" was the most popular of her works.
Aloara - an Italian princess, who reigned with wisdom and courage.

Aloysia, Sigca / Sigca Aloysia
- a 15th century Spanish female scholar and multi-linguist. Signa wrote a letter to Pope Paul III in 1540 - in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic and Syriac.

- a daughter of Theodoric, king of the Ostrogoths. She was a remarkable linguist.

Amalie, Anna / Anna Amalie
- 17th-18th century duchess of Saxe Weimar, and a patron of genius and learning. Anna personally aided Wieland, Herder and Goethe.

Amalie, Elizabeth / Elizabeth Amalie
- granddaughter of William I of Orange. As regent in the 1600s, Elizabeth displayed extraordinary energy, wisdom and virtue.

Amelie, Marie / Marie Amelie
- 17th-18th century queen of France, and wife of Louis Philippe. Marie was a perfect example of a devoted wife, and her lofty feminine character was in marked contrast to the king's.

- a Christian martyr at Rome in the Diocletian persecution. As a widow, Anastasia's whole fortune was expended in relieving the poor. She and her three sisters were put to death for refusing to sacrifice to idols.

Anderson, Elizabeth / Elizabeth Anderson
- an 18th century English physician and warm advocate of woman suffrage.

Anderson, Lucy / Lucy Anderson
- a 17th-18th century English musician and a remarkable pianist. Lucy was also the music teacher to Queen Victoria and her children.

Andreini, Isabella / Isabella Andreini - a 15th-16th century Italian actress of great fame, the writer of many beautiful poems and a renowned woman of elegance. Furthermore, Isabella Adreini had a beautiful countenance, a melodious voice and was conversant with the French and Spanish languages.

Angouleme, Maria Therese / Maria Therese Angouleme
- a 17th-18th century French duchess, and daughter of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Maria possessed a very keen intellect and was succinct in her manner and speech. She also exercised a great influence over her husband.

Anne Boleyn
- the 15th century daughter of an English nobleman, and a wife of Henry VIII. Anne Boleyn was a woman of a highly cultivated mind, and her beauty and accomplishments were greatly admired in the French court. It was also through her influence that the translation of the scriptures was sanctioned by Henry VIII.

Anne of Brittany - a 14th-15th century wife of Louis XII of France. Anne retained great influence over her husband by her beauty and amiability.

Arragon, Tullia d'/ Tullia d'Arragon - a 16th century Italian poetess and courtesan, possessing great beauty and genius.

Archinta, Margherita / Margherita Archinta
- a 16th century Italian lady of high rank, as well as a poetess and musical composer.

Armyne, Lady Mary / Lady Mary Armyne
- a 16th century English writer and philanthropist. Mary endowed three hospitals.

Arnould, Sophie / Sophie Arnould
- a 17th-18th century French actress and vocalist of the highest rank. For her wit and personal attractions she was compared to the famous hetaira, Aspasia, and to the French courtesan, Ninon de 1' Enclos.

- a Grecian hetaira, scholar and wife of Pericles. Aspasia was a woman of great beauty, wit and feminine charm. In eloquence, she surpassed her contemporaries, and was the friend and intellectual companion of Socrates. She lived in 5th century B. C.

Atkinson, Caroline L / Caroline L Atkinson
- an 18th century English novelist and botanist.

Aubespine, Madeleine de L / Madeleine de L Aubespine
- a 15th century French poetess, wit and beauty.

Austen, Jane / Jane Austen -
a 17th-18th century English novelist who wrote Sense and Sensibility,''Pride and Prejudice,' 'Mansfield Park,' and 'Emma,' which were all published anonymously during her life. Her other two works 'Northanger Abbey' and 'Persuasion' were posthumous publications. Although not beautiful, Jane possessed many personal attractions; serenity, gentleness of manner and a sweet voice. Jane wrote as long as she could hold a pen.

Austin, Jane / Jane Austin
- an 18th century American novelist.
Axiothea - a Greek female philosopher in the time of Plato (5th century B. C.) Axiothea attended Plato's lectures in male attire.

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