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How to Have An Attractive and Winning Personality

Women of so-called "personality" often charm us because they approach 'nearer' than the average pretty woman does (however, the beautiful charmer may become the heroine of every man's unrealizable desire!)

Women with an attractive or winning personality are the women you feel irresistibly inclined to look at; the result being some sort of positive emotional effect that they 'stir up' within us.

The effect could be feelings of admiration, curiosity, or possibly, reverence. And some women have had so much "personality" and charm, that they've affected people like music, or like the pictures that speak to us.

In its subjective phase, personality is simply an extension of the mental/emotional self to relationships with other human beings. In its objective phase, it's the self which is observed by others.

Therefore, lovely, a woman's personality is the body of her subjective SOCIAL self - and the means by which her inner social self moves into her environment.

Health, vitality, personal appearance, charm, poise, cheerfulness, excitement, speech, laughter, silence.... all of these are elements of an attractive or winning personality.

Furthermore, the acquirement of a "charismatic" or "magnetic" personality is an ambition of many ideal women. In all things we must aim to IMPROVE on nature, dove, as ideal women!

Our attitudes, our manners, and our arts of convening or coming together, are part and parcel of this self-improvement.

Furthermore, an "attractive," "winning," "charismatic" or "magnetic" personality is largely a matter of;

Good looks and grooming.

A good wardrobe.

A sunny, positive and somewhat outgoing personality.

Good manners.

Being an interesting person.


Charm and charisma.

A passion and excitement for life.

Health and vitality.

However lovely, good looks, grooming and wardrobe, can't be had without good TASTE. Moreover, good looks can't really be had without 'good thinking,' and good manners can't be had without 'good feeling!'

Now, the fundamental rule for acquiring an attractive and winning personality is;

Use to the utmost your good taste and discernment, your capacity for good thinking and feeling, and according to your standards of what's IDEAL :-)

However, doll, if we want to cultivate such a seductive personality, we must also practice cultivating and using the elements of which it's composed;

Personal appearance - a woman's personal appearance must suggest a personality of beauty
The Art of Beautification for Seductresses femininity and substance, as well as style, flair and taste.

That means that we need to be CAREFUL in choosing our attire, discerning, and avoiding like the plague falling victim to 'vulgar chic.'

Vulgar chic is quite a trashy and undesirable look for women, and a cross between traditional femininity and pornography (but more on the side of pornography) - not an ideal look for a woman.

Therefore, avoid wearing;

Too much makeup.

Really low waisted jeans (with your 'muffin top' on display.)

Tops that fully expose your stomach.

T-shirts and accessories with the Playboy bunny logo on them (or similar erotic emblems.)

Short 'school girl' styles of skirts (these should be reserved for bedroom games only *wink.*)

Too many rhinestones.

Too much jewelry.

The large platform heeled shoes that strippers wear.

Ripped/fishnet tights (not a classy look!)

Ugg boots....

Carriage - carriage is basically your personal BEARING, and the way you carry yourself. Just as in grooming, wardrobe and appearance, a woman should have the appearance of self-respect, confidence and success, so that in her bearing and address, she'll portray an air of being sophisticated, elegant and 'well-bred.'

To have a good carriage, as well as a good bearing and address, the number one rule is to show that you have faith in yourself, and to act as if you're CONFIDENT. In fact, dove, you should be so comfortable in your own skin that it appears unusual, but natural (it will be agreed to!)

**Beware of appearing to be arrogant or condescending.

The number two rule of having a good carriage is to ensure that you have a perfect posture and carry yourself like a QUEEN.

Social charm
Charm Warfare – The Art of Charm for Seductresses which was once the prerogative of queens and courtesans and royal mistresses, must be wielded by the MODERN woman as well. For today, this sort of charm is the smile on the face of feminine power.

There's power to be experienced in business and personal life that's just as great as it was in the former courts of queens! Charm basically embraces all the socially desirable characteristics - such as warmth, hospitality, and courtesy.

The smoothness, the deference, and the graceful gestures of charming individuals is the origin of all social manners, ideals and socially acceptable conduct.

Tact - tact is the mental perception, or innate sense, of what's BEST to say or do in any situation - in order to produce in others the desired effect without causing offense. Moreover, using tact in relationships is the means by which friction is reduced to a minimum.

The principle of tact is; since we're naturally averse to acting under COMPULSION, it's better to be led indirectly to feel the inclination ourselves. And therefore, in doing what we ourselves have chosen to do, there's no real injury to our sense of pride.

Furthermore, dove, tact, is a persuasive and indirect tool that modern seductresses use with men - for the accomplishment of an end. And a far superior tactic than nagging or direct commanding.

Any seductress worth her salt knows that ;-)

Interest - interest in this particular sense is about creating interest in yourself by BEING interesting. Moreover, an interesting woman has passions, hobbies and interests besides her work and her relationship.

When she talks, she's ANIMATED, alive, and her her eyes light up in that mysterious and irresistible way. And her feminine energy and passion just seem to emanate from her core.

Audacity - audacity is similar to BOLDNESS, and the value of courage or daring. It seems to be the result of a special outlook on life too, and many royal mistresses, courtesans and seductresses had the outlook of audacity :-)

In addition, the successful modern women in this world have this particular viewpoint, and will know what they want, and get it for themselves (not waiting for someone ELSE to offer it to them.)

Become more audacious, lovely! It not only makes for success in business, but success in personal life. And an audacious woman may appropriate a thing as a mere matter of course, and as go for it as nonchalantly as if it had been ordained that she should have it *giggles.*

Remember, possession is nine points of the law, and when someone's DEMEANOR suggests that they're acting within their rights, we tend to acquiesce. We also take others at their own valuation - at least until we've had time to form an estimate for ourselves.

In short, personality is the "outward and visible" sign of an inner charm, poise, confidence, and grace. And we've now leaned what some of the qualities
of an attractive and winning personality are, that in their outward expression denote a personality that people are naturally drawn to.

However, dove, personality isn't something that, like a DRESS, can put on for an occasion. It should be a permanent, natural, and inherent part of yourself.

Furthermore, an attractive and winning personality comes from continuous right living, intelligent thinking, and the cultivation of the emotions and instincts that are conducive to the social and altruistic things in life - rather than to just selfish well-being.

The practice of many of the world's great ladies and enchantresses was to cut and train their personalities to one social pattern or another, in accordance with one's own bent.

They'd make the most of the ideal attributes of character too; integrity, sincerity, fortitude, persistence, self-assurance and so on.

P.S; to cultivate a an attractive and winning personality, I suggest you read Dale Carnegie's; "How to win friends and influence people." This classic book also shows you how to become more interesting by talking to people about their favorite topic - themselves!

Anyhow dove, I do hope you enjoyed my post; 'How to Have An Attractive and Winning Personality.'

Much love,
Melina xx

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