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Channeling your Passions into Feminine Hobbies - Part One

Seductive women are very passionate beings, and they have to channel some of their passion into HOBBIES. Therefore, I devote today’s subject to feminine hobbies.

Hobbies are where we can indulge the feminine and passionate sides of our nature, and allow ourselves to be creative and adorable in the process!

A hobby is basically any activity or pastime that a woman engages in for PLEASURE, and not as an occupation. Moreover, a hobby can be pursued for relaxation, and is an ideal way to escape the daily grind.

Seductive and feminine women may delight in being the ‘fairer’ sex, and may cherish the love and devotion of their men, but they also need some productive and feminine hobbies to occupy themselves with, and to make life more interesting.

One of the most satisfying and enjoyable ways for a woman to pass the time is to immerse herself in some absorbing notion, and that can be many a thing!

Channeling Your Passions into Feminine Hobbies; Cooking and Baking;

Cooking is one domestic activity that many women enjoy, and is perhaps one of the most beneficial feminine hobbies because “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” In this modern world, there are many things we can do to win a man’s heart, and one of the ways of achieving that is to cook for him.

Cooking, as well as baking, is a good way of sharing whatever sense of flavor you’re wanting with others. it's quite fulfilling for women as well. And as a feminine and seductive woman you can immerse yourself into the role of “culinary temptress,” “domestic goddess,” or “kitchen tantrika" - who makes cooking sexy and sensual!

A feminine and seductive woman also assumes a distinctly RELAXED approach to her cooking.

The need to stay slim can certainly dampen a woman’s enthusiasm about that moist chocolate cake that’s just come out of the oven. Therefore, before she decorates it with rich buttery icing, and sugar, she may have to watch those calories. As well as purchase some weighing scales, along with her new pots and pans.

*Note; some women go too far with counting calories, and see their bodies as an enemy that must be conquered (they’re also the ones that often have a miserable sex life.)

Even Nigella Lawson, the most famous domestic goddess and “queen of food porn,” believes that if a woman’s body is the enemy, then how can she possibly relax and take pleasure.

Now, if you've been planning on buying some new cookbooks, anything by Nigella Lawson is good, as well as Rachael Ray’s ‘30 Minute Meals.’ Oh, and I can't forget Giada de Laurentiis’s cookbook; ‘Everyday Italian: 125 Simple and Delicious Recipes!’

Any feminine hobbies where you can impress your boyfriend or friends in the process are always ideal. You can certainly impress them with good cooking skills, or with a tasteful dinner party.

However, if you or your companions are health conscious, it’s better to go for a more nutritious menu or for the salad and vegetarian recipes.

Channeling Your Passions into Feminine Hobbies - Dancing;

Dancing is a wonderfully enjoyable hobby for women, and there are more than enough feminine styles of dance to choose from. You can go for ballroom dancing where you can show off your stamina and poise in a stunning outfit - and be swirling around the dance floor with a sexy partner.

Alternatively, you can choose belly dancing, a celebration of feminine beauty, and you’ll feel so exotic and goddess-like with the enchanting belly movements and outfits.

Bollywood and Burlesque dancing also fit into this category, and it’s nice to watch girls doing this particular style of dancing as it’s so FEMININE. Dancing is definitely one of the best feminine hobbies there is, not only because you can lose weight doing so (and often do,) but because you become more toned and flexible in the process.

Some good dances to keep you in shape are Latin dancing, Irish dancing and ballet.
Pole Dancing is another popular hobby for women, and has now lost it’s sleazy image and is considered a sport. Pole dancing is a combination of sensual gymnastic moves - using a pole.

It will also build up your core muscle strength, and you can have a pole installed in your home to practice your spinning and inversions on it.

Channeling Your Passions into Feminine Hobbies - Singing;

It’s a wonderful thing for a woman to have a good voice, and you can take singing lessons and be able to sing at parties on request. It’s a great way to get attention at a karaokes too, and to captivate the interest of someone you’ve got your eye on ;-)

Even if you’ve had no formal training, it’s always a delight to hear a woman sing. There are, however, women who are too shy to sing in public, or who don’t have the voices for singing.

Channeling Your Passions into Feminine Hobbies - Public Speaking;

If you don’t want to sing in public or can’t sing, consider joining your local Toastmasters Club and learn how to speak in public. This will conquer any shyness you have and it’s a good opportunity to express yourself and be heard.

During meetings, you’ll also have to opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and to hear from them. And be introduced to attractive men as a part of the bargain ;-)

Channeling Your Passions into Feminine Hobbies - Reading;

If all else fails, you can resort to curling up on the couch or in bed, reading! Reading fiction books, such as historical romances and sagas, is a great way to ESCAPE for a few hours, and you don’t have to think about responsibilities or doing errands for a while.

However, if you’re a voracious reader of the more educational types of books, you can gain REAL knowledge, and will always be able to hold your own during dinner party conversations and at cocktail parties.

Knowledge is SEXY dove, and useful at social gatherings where you’re expected to be able to add to a scintillating conversation. Moreover, what you’ve read and have learned will always shine through in your conversations with the opposite sex.

In addition, it’s stimulating for a man - who looks for substance in a female companion - to hear a woman talking animatedly about her passions and dreams.

Channeling Your Passions into Feminine Hobbies - Cos Play

Cos play is a short term for ‘costume play,’ and is a hobby where women don their favourite costumes to represent a certain character, fantasy or idea. There are many sources of inspiration for cos play - which include novels, movies, manga and anime.

Channeling Your Passions into Feminine Hobbies - Walking and Exercise;

Walking is a great way to get your daily exercise and a lot better for you than running because running is too hard on your bones. However dove, make sure to do some stretching exercises beforehand, to prevent causing injuries to your muscles.

There must also be good walking/jogging tracks in your neighborhood, but make sure that they’re SAFE tracks, and not isolated! Don’t forget to invest in some good running shoes - such as Pink Nike Shox - and some cute tees and shorts that bring out the feminine in you.

Before you know it, the man of your dreams could be jogging just ahead of you - or be just behind you - admiring the back of you *wink*

And there must also be a good cafe somewhere nearby where you can talk about the joys of exercising with him - over a cup of coffee and muffin.

You can go to the neighborhood gym for your weight-training, pilates or aerobic exercises - or do them at home. Like dancing, these exercises are ideal for building and toning your body, and like any exercise releases endorphins - which puts a woman in a very good mood :-)

Zumba is one of the best dancing exercises to release endorphins.

Yoga is another healthy form of exercise that you can do for fitness, flexibility and a feminine hobby. Although the chances of running into the man of your dreams while sitting in a yoga position at home is almost non-existent (with the exception of plumbers, grocery delivery boys or telephone repairmen - who may ring your bell just at the right moment

Channeling Your Passions into Feminine Hobbies -
Jewelry Making;

Jewelry is reminiscent of femininity, and can be defined as any object adapted for personal ornamentation - either precious in itself or rendered precious by it’s workmanship. Its a creative woman’s pleasure to express her femininity by making jewelry and WEARING it.

Whether it involves creating unique Pandora charm bracelets or an intricate beaded necklace, jewelry making is one of the most feminine hobbies there is.

Channeling Your Passions into Feminine Hobbies -
Candle Making;

For hundreds of years, candles were appreciated a major source of artificial light. Nearly every family had candle molds and some of the larger houses had candle-making rooms, but candles were generally made in the kitchen where women gathered around a big fireplace.

Even today, candle making is appreciated and considered to be a feminine hobby - especially if a woman makes the more beautiful and scented types of candles.

The tools you’ll generally need for candle making are wax, cotton wicking, wire for threading the wicks,
molds, rods or skewers and fragrance.

A women wishing to include candle making in her list of feminine hobbies can purchase candle making kits fairly cheaply online. She can even find old molds in the attics of old houses, at
at antique shops or at country auctions.

Channeling Your Passions into Feminine Hobbies - Soap Making;

Soap’s considered as the most common cleansing agent, and is known by every woman. Moreover, soap making has always been considered as a feminine hobby for women, and is ideal and suitable for making homemade gifts.

In addition dove, you can make money by selling soaps, and soap making can be a really good hobby for those ladies interested in beauty products. The methods for making all kinds of soaps can be found in books and online.

Channeling Your Passions into Feminine Hobbies -
Chocolate Making;

Ever watch the movie ‘Chocolat’ dove? Chocolate making is an art and a passion, and like Vianne Rocher, you can learn how to produce the choicest and most delicious morsels imaginable!

Chocolate making is also an ideal feminine hobby, not only for gift and money making, but for ladies with a sweet tooth.

If you’ve never made HOMEMADE chocolate-covered strawberries and other delicacies, you’re really missing out. And like soap mixture used in soap making, chocolate mixture can be poured into lovely fem-shaped molds - to create chocolate shells, hearts, butterflies and roses - even seahorses.

Channeling Your Passions into Feminine Hobbies -
Drawing and Painting

One of my favorite hobbies growing up as a young girl in Tasmania (also the place where Princess Mary of Denmark was born,) was drawing and drawing. These feminine hobbies are an ideal way to express your emotions - which is always a healthy thing, isn't it dove?

Now, if you can’t draw or paint, you can take lessons - whether it’s once a week or once a month - the only way to get good at anything is to take lessons! In addition, there are so many things that you can draw.

It could be a landscape sketched in charcoal or
a still life object done with pastels or oil pencils. You can also learn how to paint beautiful and feminine things - such as flowers and women!

Channeling Your Passions into Feminine Hobbies -

Photography is the art of creating real life pictures, that’s constantly gaining the interest of women. Some of the most well-known female photographers are Masumi Hayashi, Anne Geddes and Annie Leibovitz.
And what better way is there cupcake, than to ‘pimp’ up your facebook or myspace profile with lots of photos?

Channeling Your Passions into Feminine Hobbies -
Knitting, Crocheting, Embroidery and Cross-stitch;

These are traditionally feminine hobbies that are still prevalent for women today. They not only allow you to create the most delicate pieces of feminine art, but allow you to spend some quiet time with your husband while doing something productive.

Channeling Your Passions into Feminine Hobbies -
Gardening and Flower Arranging;

Gardening has been a popular feminine hobby for eons, and there’s gardening shows and competitions in just about every town and city, that women can get involved in. You also can go to a garden show and spend hours talking to others who have a mutual interest in gardening

Flower arranging is another feminine art and pastime, and what feminine woman doesn't LOVE flowers? Moreover, making compositions and bouquets from freshly cut flowers, foliages and ornamental grasses can be a most pleasurable hobby for women.

In addition, creating floral arrangements in baskets is not only a nice feminine hobby, but an alternative way to make money if you're good at it.

Channeling Your Passions into Feminine Hobbies -
Writing Stories, Poetry or Writing in a Journal;

Writing is the representation of language in a textual medium. Whether a woman writes for fun or for profit, it’s one of the most ideal ways of expressing herself, as well as the most dependable method for recording and presenting her ideas. This I should know!

In my opinion, writing is one of the most fulfilling feminine hobbies there is :-) A ‘journal’ can be used as; 1. A sort of diary. 2. An ideal way to jot down any missions, goals and objectives you have - and to record your progress. 3. A way to record your dreams over time.

You can also create a goal journal, a dream journal, even a diet journal (or any kind of journal!

Channeling Your Passions into Feminine Hobbies -
Blogging About Your Passions;

Today, there are currently more than 150 million blogs in existence and blogging has become a passion and hobby of millions of women. Blogging is either a platform that allows you to share your lives and interests with hundreds or thousands of people, or a type of constantly updating website that talks about a subject in depth.

Channeling Your Passions into Feminine Hobbies -

Scrap-booking can be a delightfully feminine and creative hobby and is very popular with American women. The idea is preserve personal and family memorabilia in the form of a decorated scrapbook.

For a scrapbook, you’ll need photographs, numerous artwork, printed media, stickers, small embellishments and glue. A scrapbook can also include journaling. Polyvore is a digital form of scrap-booking, and is a fun and creative way to express your feminine style.

You can spend many an hour creating collages on polyvore, by mixing and matching products from the web. You can visit the site here;

To be continued.....

Much love,
Melina xxx

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