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Should a Feminine Woman Drink Alcohol? Alcohol and Femininity

Occasional or moderate drinking does have its place in life.
Admittedly, I do enjoy an occasional drop of red; Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir.... mmmm!

In addition, there's no primitive tribe in this world that hasn't been without its fermented potion of some sort. The Bible tells us; “Drink your wine with a merry heart.” And the Apostle Paul told Timothy that he should drink a little wine for his stomach's sake.

Alcohol can help with the jaded appetite and add to the gaiety and ease of social gatherings (by releasing us from shyness or tension.)

However dove, alcohol is something that a feminine woman needs to handle WELL, and should be drunk for occasional enjoyment (and to break the ice at a party if necessary.)

But NOT so that it breaks down every reservation - and promotes an orgy!

I'll also add; the host who insistently plies his guests with double shots until they're staggering, not only reveals his ignorance, but his total indifference concerning their welfare.

What happens to them once they leave his house will be of no concern to him. And if a car or a marriage cracks up in the alcoholic haze that follows, hey, that's their business!

Sometimes a woman, who's usually quite the lady,
will be so sure of her usual self, that she'll think; "Just for fun, I'll have ONE more drink. I can handle it." She has no intention of getting drunk either - or to end up staggering around while slurring nonsensically!

Furthermore, she may take the extra drink just to prove to her companions of the moment that she's a good sport. But invariably, one extra drink will lead to another, and the effect of the alcohol (plus the persuasion of her companions,) not only leads her into making a complete FOOL of herself - but into a sordid escapade.

In spite of her having been so SURE of herself!

In addition, most men practiced in the seamier side of seduction, know from experience that if a woman is given enough alcohol, it's only a matter of TIME before she becomes amenable.

There's a point when a woman who's drinking will be taken beyond her capacity to think straight - and exert will power. Whether it's at the third drink or the sixth, the point of NO return is always there, as it is for a man.

Sometimes a woman is coaxed into heavy drinking by her boyfriend. Because the boyfriend is addicted to alcohol, he wants to share the guilt by involving his girlfriend in his drinking sprees.

Many women have confided in a friend something along the lines of; 'I never drank much until my boyfriend
kept insisting. He'd call me a bad sport and a wet blanket unless I drank."

In addition cupcake, the incidence of unplanned pregnancies while under the influence of
excess alcohol is GREAT. That's because both men and women lack caution when they've had too much to drink.

Tragically, women who are prone to drinking often admit to two or three abortions (saying that they had to terminate the pregnancies because they happened under the influence and the affect of alcohol.)

However, the feminine and intelligent woman will AVOID being drawn
(under the influence of alcohol,) into these situations. She'll also avoid the so-called 'drinking crowd.'

You know the crowd I'm talking about doll, the one filled with singles and couples who whoop it up every Saturday night! In a combination of alcohol and amorousness.

Around midnight, there will be arms around waists, silly exchanges, and "Phil, you don't mind if I give your pretty wife a little kiss, do you?" And Phil may mind actually, but it's all in the spirit of 'harmless alcoholic fun!'

He probably won't want to spoil the party either, but may possibly seek out the other man's wife and sleep with her - in retaliation.

The whole situation of the heavy-drinking crowd is always an unhealthy one dove. The mixture of intoxicated singles and couples invariably creates an erotically charged atmosphere - that invites infidelities.

BEWARE of becoming a part of one.

In addition, bored, middle-aged or unhappily married couples who drink alcohol to amuse themselves will often victimize other couples. There was one such couple who made it a practice of inviting other couples over on weekends, plying them with drinks, and deliberately juggling the sleeping arrangements so that infidelities occurred.

How charming *sarcasm*

Furthermore, a feminine woman
who wants to STAY married will forgo this type of invitation.

Then there's the "broad-minded" couples who
take pride in their tolerance of each others bouts of drinking and spouse-swapping. They start off with the idea that since they're both so alike, they can handle the situation.

Ultimately, they find they can't take it. They either end in
the divorce court or in the psychiatrist's office!

As a feminine and seductive woman, SELF-DECEPTION is definitely something that you need to be
beware of. Moreover....

You can pretend to yourself that when you go to a dinner party or to the local tavern - downing one glass of alcohol after another - that you can handle yourself and it won't lead to regret.

You can decide in advance that getting drunk won't make a difference in a quality man's attitude toward you.

Or you can get REAL and know that;

1. When a certain type of man sees a woman drunk and alone, his first thought is going to be of sex.

2. When a high caliber man sees a woman drunk and alone, he'll be thinking; "She'll be picked up, eventually."

However dove, if you're thinking clearly, and have observed some other woman going through the same performance, you'll KNOW what I'm talking about!

Now, let me ask you a question; do you think that a man or woman who drinks often is
happy, content and at ease with their world?

No! They drink because they're frightened, hostile and/or guilty towards something in it. They feel threatened. And only a psychiatrist can try to uncover the basic hostility, fear, guilt - and to try to probe into the unhappiness to find its source.

As for the girlfriend or wife who makes a PRACTICE of getting drunk - there are several
reasons for her actions;

1. She hates.

2. She wants the world to know she's unhappy.

3. She's punishing her boyfriend/husband while making an exhibition of herself.

As for the man who chronically grieves his wife or partner with a drunken performance at social gatherings, he's not acting out in blissful ignorance. He knows it is hurting her. For whatever reason, he WANTS it to hurt her (more about men who drink excessively later.)

In addition, the element of SELFISHNESS is always present in a chronic drinker's character. And in their determination to get attention (at whatever cost,
discomfort or embarrassment to those around them.)

Now, what about the men and women who are
successfully and happily married?

They DON'T habitually drink to excess.

And b
efore I go to post this dove, I'd like to say this to you if you're currently tempted to forget or ease your troubles via the alcohol route;

No matter what the frustration, money problem, disappointment in
in love, grief over loss.... ALCOHOL is never the answer! And if you yearn to escape in alcohol, you're maladjusted.

Furthermore, 'drowning your sorrows' doesn't work, and is a neurotic method of trying to run away from a problem rather than SOLVE it. Besides, soaking any problem in alcohol only intensifies and aggravates it, and leaves you with steadily decreasing ability to clear it up.

Finally I'd like to say that alcohol (excess) and femininity don't mix, and drunkenness is so ANTI-SEDUCTIVE and unfeminine!!

I do hope you enjoyed my article; 'Should a Feminine Woman Drink Alcohol? Alcohol and Femininity.' I'd love to hear your comments and experiences with this!

Much Love,
Melina xxx

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