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The Seductive Mindset of a Seductress

Women weren’t born “seductresses” dove, and only a few are able to capitalize on their feminine attributes and become a truly seductive and enchanting woman.

See the definition of seductress here, in case you haven't already;
What is a Seductress?

In addition, it takes a wily mind and considerable talent and confidence to become a successful seductress. When it happens, a man can become so overcome by you and vulnerable, that he’ll promise you the heaven and the earth - and all things in between!

Some women are so irresistible and seductive - without any conscious effort in their thoughts and behavior. They’re usually the ones who developed their seductiveness at a fairly young age, and found out quite accidentally that they could manipulate boys just with a coquettish look.

Then, in the years to come, they went on to fully develop their powers of seduction and feminine enchantment.

The idea of being irresistible and seductive to men comes from the core being of a woman - a FEMININE and sensual woman. However cupcakes, some women are not feminine or sensual at all, even though they possess the potential to be that way, somewhere, deep down in their souls.

On the other hand, some women do manage to tap into and UNLEASH their their latent femininity and sensuality, and to explore their inner cores. And in the process, projecting a new sense of womanliness, of voluptuousness, of seductiveness ….

There are a few women who attempt to be sensual and seductive by wearing overly revealing clothes. But sensuality and seductiveness is never about the things that we wear or show to the outside world. It’s about the way we feel inside; an attitude and a seductive MINDSET.

Modern seductresses have come to grips with that, as well as their doubts and indecision, and are confident that they’re on an equal footing with their husbands - and can pursue their sexual and emotional gratification.

The seductive mindset is the knowledge that you're a woman who can LEAD a man to where you want to go - and deliver pleasure to him. It’s the freedom to be yourself, to revel in your femininity and to pursue sensual delights with a husband who’s your equal.

However cupcakes, if you’re projecting a phony persona or pretending to be a seductress, forget it. It won’t have the same effect. A seductress must be AUTHENTIC at being seductive, as well as a 'natural;' The Natural

If you’re a TRUE seductress, who’s on an equal footing with your man, he’ll be attached to you - body and soul - and he'll be happy to share with you potentially countless days and nights. In the natural order of things, men and women crave each others company, and will luxuriate in a true intimacy and passion with a member of the opposite sex.

Furthermore, men and women were designed to complement each other in marriage, to join their bodies and souls, and merge together for a complete whole. Of course there are some women who can remain single and be somewhat fulfilled, but most women crave male companionship ALL of their lives.

When you’re ready, when you cultivate your femininity and get a seductive mindset, you’ll find men who'll want you not only for your seductive appeal but because you have inherent POWER over them.

You can gain access to that power here; Feminissima - School of Feminine Arts

Now, s
ome women were born pretty dove, even beautiful, but there are various degrees of attraction that appeal to men.

Besides physical attraction, most men look for sexual chemistry, compatibility, a certain mindset and SUBSTANCE in a woman - that particular substance will make a woman a lot more desirable than other women.

This mindset and substance are fairly unique things to find in a woman, and will almost certainly be discovered by a very unique man who'll seem destined to be with her alone.

By the way, substance is not about wealth and material possessions but an inner wealth of vitality, character and disposition. Furthermore, this "glow of beauty" emanates from a woman’s very core, and can’t be extinguished.

It’s also the product of a sensitivity, and a woman's deep understanding of herself and the universe.

A woman of substance is irresistible and enchanting.

In addition, you'll need to devise an action plan where you can feel pride in yourself as a feminine and seductive woman. You'll need to work on cultivating a seductive mindset, as well as seductive attitude and appearance.

By the way, you can learn how to get a seductive appearance here;
The Art of Beautification for Seductresses

Then, you'll need to start acting like there’s no tomorrow, and living only for the present time (and enjoying the serendipity as it comes :-))

All of this will result in an irresistible new you - inside and OUT.

Now, let’s take a look at an action plan I’ve devised, to help you access your seductive inner self and project it outwards. To regain your status as a powerful and seductive woman, there are steps to harness that inner substance in you;

  1. Visualization can be very powerful for a woman, and done consistently, can help her to completely reprogram her mind with positive affirmations, and get rid of any self-limiting beliefs. Several times a day, imagine yourself as an extremely powerful, loving and seductive woman, who’s ALWAYS that way. Visualize yourself in all kinds of scenarios with a man and as has having a lot of power in your relationship. Moreover, visualize how you'll always react and respond to your man with your new seductive mindset and attitude.

  1. Seduce YOURSELF; in order to seduce a man, a woman must first and foremost seduce herself!

  1. Watch some movies that have seductive women as central figures. Some examples are; Elizabeth Taylor in “Cleopatra,” Reri in “Tabu: A Story of the South Seas,” and Sophia Loren in “Sobato.”

  1. Re-align your thoughts and believe with every fiber of your being that you’re a powerful, loving and seductive woman who oozes femininity, sensuality, voluptuousness…. Believing yourself to be a powerful, loving and seductive woman will reinforce your subconscious mind, giving you a seductive mindset and attitude, as well as bring you the confidence you need to attract quality men.

  1. Forgive yourself for every dating and relationship mistake you’ve ever made. Forgive the men who've caused you pain. Guilt and unhappiness are not ideal for kick-starting a new seductive mindset - or for a seductress-in-training's re-alignment process! To get rid of any guilt, try to make up for it somehow, squelching it with your thoughts. And stop beating yourself up over past mistakes and failures.

  1. Work on your confidence with subliminal exercises, you can find those here; The Feminine Art of Confidence Program Learn to accept constructive criticism without it rattling you, and gain something valuable from it. Make yourself be more assertive than usual, and learn to say “no” in a non-aggressive way. Believe in yourself and your worth!
I do hope you enjoyed my article; 'The Seductive Mindset of a Seductress.'

Much love,

Melina xxx

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