Thursday, April 14, 2011

Feminine Behavior and Why We Should Glory in It

Despite the constant struggle for equality of the sexes, and of gender equality and women’s liberation, it remains a fact that women are softer and more emotional than men.

The movement to liberate women in the past stemmed from the fact that some men were domineering and cruel, and the women were deprived of liberty and the right to live their lives.

It’s true that women are EQUAL to men, and you don’t have to be a feminist to recognize that! Moreover, women can even be ‘superior’ to men in certain regards - such as in their intuitiveness, empathy, multi-tasking and intellect.

However, a woman’s physical attributes aren’t, and never will be equal to, or the same as men.
Women have softer, more delicate bodies, while the male physique was designed for the stronger, more brawnier tasks.

I recently read an article about Australia's armed forces and how they're considering approving women to serve in all front-line combat units. Because some women want them to!

Can you imagine dove, a typical woman throwing a wounded comrade over her shoulder and carrying him quite a distance, through the mud and the rain and the flying bullets, to safety?

Of course, there will always be some exceptions to the rule and there are some genetic anomalies where male hormones are abundant in a woman, or a man was born with an abundance of female hormones. But this is as rare as hen's teeth.

Yet; it was the design of ‘Mother Nature’ that designed women be soft and FEMININE - bestowing love, affection, compassion, tenderness and sweetness. A woman’s also designed to be the wife, the mother, to feed, to nurture, to sustain growth, to heal. Moreover, femininity is always very healing for everyone.

Many women tend to forget their femininity all together, and choose to compete with the men and prove that they can do better in the male dominated world. However, REAL women not only show that they can excel in their chosen spheres of influence, but still preserve their femininity and reveal their lovely feminine sides!

In addition, a feminine woman graces a man with her smile and her company ALONE. She doesn’t need to take off her clothes, or kick the glass ceiling in her Jimmy Choo stilettos to prove anything.

Like a a Botticelli angel,a fairy queen, or a Pre-Raphaelite maiden, real feminine women are exquisitely LOVELY. So much so that it’s only natural that the more chivalrous males with good character seek to please and pamper them in anyway they can.

Stereotyping throughout the ages shows the male as the stronger sex, and the females as delicate and in need of protection. In the animal kingdom, the female’s also more selective than the male because they generally do most of the work in the birthing and raising of their young.

In many species of animals, the female chooses the male which she deems best to be able to provide a better shelter for their young - as well as provide adequate food and good protection.

The human brain has three distinct structures; the reptilian brain is the smallest, deepest and oldest area - controlling the heart, the vital organs and the lungs. It’s responsible for mating, aggression and reactions to immediate danger. The reptilian brain is also indifferent to its young; it lays its eggs and it goes away.

The middle layer of the brains that surround the reptilian brain is called the limbic system. Emotions and the physiological features unique to mammals - like keeping warm are in the limbic brain. The brains of mammals are responsible for facilitating relationships like mother-child and caring for the young.

The limbic brain is responsible for the parent to safeguard their young and nourish them until they’re able to face the world on their own. The outermost area of the brains is the cerebral cortex or neo-cortex. Only humans possess a large cerebral cortex which enables them to learn many new things, to adapt to new environments, to even think in abstractions.

The aggression-survival mode of humans emanates from the reptilian brain. It rules emotions of love, fear, hate, lust, possessiveness, greed, power, contentment and territoriality
Learning, music, the arts, exploration and innovation are some traits that don’t stem from the reptilian brain.

The reptilian brain is directly related to survival, the cerebral cortex to these other functions.
However, the traditional role of women in birthing and nurturing can’t just be thrown out the window dove! It’s been decreed by NATURE and genetics that women have the wombs and ovaries, as well as the hormones that will nurture their young and propagate the species.

NO amount of women’s liberation can alter that! Feminine women rejoice in the fact they're WOMEN, and that they're loved and protected and well-cared for by their men.

We’re not protesting too much or too loudly - because we’re most precious, coveted and treasured by the men!

We actually GLORY in our femaleness, in our femininity and in our womanliness. We embrace our feminine behavior. And men glory in our Great Feminine Mystery.

In addition, we display and nourish our beauty
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our comeliness, and our lusciousness, and are unafraid to giggle, to be girlish and adorable.

We know a feminine woman with her SUBLIME brand of beauty and seductiveness and presence, is God’s gift to man. Femininity’s the way to true empowerment for women. And we always get our man with our feminine charms and wiles Feminissima - School of Feminine Arts - who’ll be our partner and our friend for life!

Much love, Melina xxx

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