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Some Rules of a Seductive Woman

Every feminine and seductive woman wants happiness and fulfillment in her relationship, resulting in happy and fulfilling marriage. A lonely spinster life can be a pretty grey affair.

Even worse is a make-shift, patched-up or loveless marriage where two people just muddle through somehow!

A seductive woman must get her man with all the powers of femininity and attraction she has at her command. By using her common sense and intelligence too. And she does.

However, men don't want to be eternally vamped. Sometimes, they just want to be comfortable, to relax. They like to be babied and coddled, and waited on occasionally too.

They want a good listener and they love to laugh. And believe me lovely, when I tell you that a sense of humor is just as important as sex-appeal, it's true.

A seductive woman uses her female intuition to tell her when exerting her feminine charms and enticements is good - and when it isn't. And forget the idea that because you're a feminine woman, that you're the one that should be waited on all the time.

Do make an effort for your man.

Don't slacken up on your feminine charms,
your self-beautification, or the social niceties after you're married. A seductive woman thinks it's only natural to go put on a dress at dinner, to keep flowers in the house, to surround herself with beauty. With HER as the centerpiece.

There are devoted wives who fit the courtesan archetype; always charming, stimulating and comforting their husbands. There are faithful girlfriends who are "seductresses;" always fascinating, enchanting and captivating their boyfriends!

A seductive woman does all of that.

I'll also add; it's not necessary to transgress certain moral customs to be a "courtesan" or "seductress." It's only role-playing, and these terms may accurately be applied to monogamous, married women with IRREPROACHABLE morals. And that's what I base my 'Feminissima' philosophy on.

I think it's only natural as a feminine and seductive woman to fit a certain type - as well expect a man to help you on and off with your coat, to hold your chair as you sit at the table, to say please and thank you, and will you pass the salt, darling - instead of doing a boarding-house reach across the table.

Of course dove, these little things don't have to be carried to extremes and of course, dressing nicely for dinner and flowers in the house shouldn't come before the practical necessities. But as a feminine and seductive woman, keep up, as much as you can, the nicer things of life - and your feminine behavior!

Of course, your physical appearance has a fair bit to do with being a seductive woman, but there are women whose appearances, as well as figures, have seemingly been lost permanently. Their badly styled hair fails to be their ‘crowning glory,’ their clothes are terribly out of fashion (or just thrown on,) and their faces are without a speck of make-up.

What a waste of femininity.

Now, when I say that your physical appearance has a fair bit to do with
being a feminine and seductive woman, don’t think that you have to be a an eight or ten in looks, or wear designer clothes to fit the bill. No, no dove! As long as you're feminine, and dress femininely - and have a distinctive attitude and personality - in spite of any physical defects- you can fit the bill.

When two strong personalities meet, fireworks are almost inevitable. Take it from me, a seductive woman, who's adept at understanding male psychology - and influencing - will give the man the upper hand - at least in the small matters. And which would you rather, let your man have his way occasionally, or lose him?

In addition, you don't need to take everything from a man. On the other hand, I've seen a 'too nice' wife completely dominated by a male brute of a husband (some seem to thrive on it.) And just because her husband is the provider, he takes everything from her - up to and including the squelching of her personality.

Don't be Patsy with any man lovely. It's never worth it.

Another rule of a seductive woman, don't try to change or remodel your man in any way, shape or form! You knew what he was like before you married him, or should have. Leave him be, except for minor alterations, if you must. You can also go about these things in an INDIRECT sort of way.

The greatest woman among the courtesans, geisha ande the hetaera was the woman who was most skilled in the art of drawing men out and influencing them- in a subtle and indirect sort of way.

The most excellent and seductive women in the history were the women whom men had most cause to remember.

I do hope you enjoyed my article; 'Some Rules of a Seductive Woman!'

Much Love,
Melina xxx

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