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Secrets of the Most Seductive Women

Men have always had different ideals of what’s considered to be beautiful, attractive, desirable and SEDUCTIVE in women.

Here’s an example dove; in the 1600s,
ideal female beauty and seductiveness was attributed to the plump, voluptuous and Rubenesque women.

During, and after WWII, curvaceous (but very slim-waisted,) women, who had big eyes and great legs, were deemed as embodying ideal feminine beauty and seductiveness.

These days, women who are willowy, big busted and long-legged (with pretty faces and long hair,) are deemed most to be the most seductive women because these are considered to be ‘perfect’ physical attributes on women.

Although having these ideal physical attributes will put you in league with the BEAUTIES, there’s no yardstick or weighing apparatus to accurately measure if you conform to the standard of ideal female beauty and seductiveness or not. That’s also because the standard is a subjective thing - in both the viewer and yourself.

However lovely, when you think of yourself as BEAUTIFUL and seductive, and behave as if you’re a beautiful and seductive woman, no matter how pretty or plain you are, you’ll be projecting yourself as beautiful - and your male audience will perceive and believe that you’re beautiful :-)

In her younger days, Barbara Streisand certainly couldn't be called a classic beauty, but she had this enigmatic seductive personality, and of course she sings like an ANGEL - which helped made her ‘divinely beautiful.’

Cher wasn’t a classic beauty, or perfect female beauty either, but there’s something about her EXOTIC appeal that still charms and entices her male audience today. Furthermore, her huge, dark and luminous Armenian eyes speak volumes.

Now cupcake, why are the most seductive women associated with being beautiful or pretty? Well naturally, being a seductive woman is related to attracting the opposite sex. It’s also the natural reaction of men, who are predominantly VISUAL, to be attracted to ideal feminine beauty.

However, most men aren’t initially attracted to beauty as a WHOLE, but to wisps and traces of it leading to the whole. Some men will also get a glimpse or a whiff of something attractive in a woman, that makes them glance back and inhale again (and sometimes they’re seduced forever ;-))

As you’re probably already aware, most women’s magazines are dedicated to beautifying women, and are filled with advertisements for beauty enhancing products, tips on dressing, putting on make-up, exercising for a slimmer silhouette and everything else for a woman to become pretty and desirable and sexy.

In addition, any woman can become ethereally beautiful, but if she’s cold inside or arrogant, FORGET it! Her coldness and arrogance will always be showing through, and arrogance is a hallmark of the unsure.

Moreover, a truly beautiful woman has a passion for life; an inner force that radiates in her personality - and a readiness and enthusiasm for the challenges and pleasures of daily life.

The most feminine and seductive women not only know that the differences between a male and a female are DISTINCT (and should be distinct) - but can see it in the biology of animals. We have our distinct place as women in this world, doll, as decreed by nature.

We can try to fight the disparity some of the time, but nature (and the ovaries and the testes,) dictate how we should basically conform *giggle* When nature has it’s way, the men pursue, and the women get wooed and pursued. Furthermore, the woman will either reject a suitor, or will accept him (ideally on her terms.)

A woman also OWNS the sexual power if she’s a feminine and seductive woman and she’s desired by a man.

However, a feminine and seductive woman can’t let herself relax too much, or let herself go for that matter. No! She always needs to be her most seductive self - and even primp and strut a little when she’s competing with other women for the “strongest, handsomest and ablest” alpha male *wink*

The way to a man's heart is by the SENSES. If you please his eyes, and all the rest, half the work is done. In addition, a woman who possesses the great art of PLEASING, of gaining the affections of those she converses with, possesses an attribute which facilitates and helps her rise.

Sadly, few young women realize how powerful this feminine art is, and as they grow older and wiser, strive to recover what they lost by negligence. And pride, self-absorption and inattention are the main culprits.

Truly, in the game and art of seduction, the WOMAN can hold all of the cards (and if you do follow my advice, a man is destined to be fascinated and enamored!)

Moreover, most women just need to know how to become their most seductive selves, to learn The Seductive Way (Ars Amatoria,) Feminissima - School of Feminine Arts and to awaken and sharpen their inborn skills.

**Just remember dove, that the woman next to you may have sharper claws and better sharpening stones, than you do!

Now, after reading my post, I want you to look at yourself critically in the mirror and assess yourself. What needs improving or changing? Where do you stand now?

Furthermore, ask your friends what they think of you. Once you know what needs improving/changing about your looks, start working on yourself, beauty-wise, from head to toe.

You may decide to get a more feminine and flattering hair style and to make your hair glow and shine.

To become the most seductive woman, find the beauty products, cosmetics and make-up that will;

Make you eyes bigger and more luminous.

Make your lashes longer and thicker.

Reduce, heal or camouflage your blemishes.

Give definition to your nose.

Tint and color your cheeks.

.... and all those other little tricks that will help to beautify the face. You can get some great tips here
The Art of Beautification for Seductresses

I also want you to start using a good moisturizer or serum for your face and neck. Don’t forget the neck because you can keep your face pretty and tight with the aid of cosmetics, but as you age, the telltale signs of aging first show up on your neck.

Have some pretty and feminine underwear. Even if you’re wearing t-shirts and casual everyday wear, good quality, sexy under things will give you that feeling of femininity and seductiveness. That feeling will also shine through in your behavior and in your walk.

Keep your posture straight and aim to walk smoothly, effortlessly, and with GRACE. Never forget lovely, as a feminine and seductive woman, you need to keep your poise and cool demeanor at all times.

Keep smiling and making brief eye contact with your man/men. Listen to your voice and try to make it sound more whispery and seductive.
Mind your diction dove, and form a habit of correctness and elegance in conversation.

A feminine and seductive woman takes great care to speak grammatically and correctly, and to pronounce her words properly. Furthermore, a woman of substance never has recourse for slang or vulgar aphorisms!

Work on your feminine grace and confidence. A woman's fortune is frequently decided by the way she carries herself, and her address. Moreover, if her composure and voice show confidence, and are pleasing, a man will surmise that she's a woman of MERIT.

However, if a woman's awkward and ungraceful, men won't respond favorably to her, and may be prejudiced against her, even if they don't intend to be.

The most seductive women know what their best points are - and are able to PLAY them up and use them - to their best advantage. They also know how to minimize their weaker points and balance them out with self-improvement! And finally doll, the most seductive women are always well-groomed and smell fresh and lovely at all times.

Much love,

Melina xxx

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