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Feminine Enneagrams

Discover How You Can Use Feminine Enneagrams To Know Who You Truly Are, Unlock Your True Potential as a Woman, And Understand and Read Your Friends (and Man) Like a Book!

Feminine Enneagrams

Discovering the way you tick, the way you man ticks, and how your best gal pals tick very useful tool for a woman to master. Understanding yourself and others is also an important skill for living an effective life.

We were created UNIQUE and although you’re like other people, you're also unlike other people. If you were just like every other woman, then you'd all be a carbon copy of one another - with no individuality, uniqueness or artistic sense.

How boring would that be? Without our lovely uniqueness and diversity, every woman would be so mundane and bland and BORING! Women were meant to be DIVERSE, creatures unlike any other! We can’t be like others and should only be ourselves.

However, we shouldn't just be content with being ourselves - but being a much better version of ourselves! That’s why the ‘The Feminine Enneagram of Personality’ is such an important subject to study, as well as undertake.

With the diversity of womankind lovely, it’s important to not only learn how to understand yourself, your man and other people, but how they work. Moreover, you should never try to change yourself and the essence of who you really are, just to fit into someone else’s mold - or try to change them to fit into yours.

It’s not what we’re called to do as feminine, UNIQUE, self-realized and self-accepting ‘goddesses!’ Furthermore, my ‘Feminine Enneagrams’ program is going to show you so much more about yourself than you’ve ever been aware.

This special program is a culmination of years of study, analysis of human psychology and personal experience all rolled up together!

The Feminine Enneagrams Program is for self-discovering purposes and to discover who you really are and who other people really are. Life is a constant journey, and inevitably, you’ll be a different woman 10 years down the line from the woman you are today. However, your basic 'Ennaeagram of Personality' will remain.

Besides, GROWING and changing (positively) is ideal, and living an effective life involves interactions with other people, which can be, difficult if don’t really understand yourself, know who you truly are - and them.

By studying the ‘Feminine Enneagram of Personality,’ you'll be able to;

. Fully Understand yourself and your Feminine Enneagram Type

. Learn about the 9 types of feminine enneagrams, the 3 sub-types and the 27 + combinations

. Fully understand your man's 'Enneagram Type,' as well as your friends' 'Enneagram Types' (through doing this and putting into practice my suggestions for dealing with the various types, you'll notice that your relationships will improve dramatically!)

. Discover how to accurately READ everybody you come across like a book (you'll really have fun with this and will probably end up doing it with everyone you see!)

. Open your mind to new exciting possibilities and scenarios in your relationships - and know how to make it happen

. Discover how to create harmony and get real RESULTS in your relationships

. Discover how to persuade and influence your partner, friends and family (without them even knowing,) to grow, to improve themselves and to move on to do better things

. Learn how to deal with other people (such as employees, bosses and family members,) by knowing and understanding their unique and different enneagram personality types and how to deal best with them

. Know which ennegream type you're most compatible with and work best with - and who you won't work well with

. Unlock the feminine mystery of your persona and your true potential as a woman

. Access the most accurate enneagram tests

And much, much more!

This is an online course. Once you've purchased access to this course, I'll send you an invite to The Seductive Woman Lair - a password protected site - to read your course.

Only $9.95 (on SALE for a limited time only, will then be the standard price of $29.95!)

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