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How Seductive Women Use Their Femininity to Receive Male Admiration

Ahhh femininity! For me it conjures up pleasant images of womanliness and muliebrity - and a woman’s ability to give a man pleasure, as well as wondrous sensations.

What does it conjure up for you dove?

Seductive women know that suggestions of softness and tantalizing curves ENHANCE a woman’s femininity, as does the feminine way she walks.

A feminine way of walking is to walk like this
Seductive Women; The Way they Walk
and to walk with small steps, never with big steps.

To get an idea of the feminine way of walking, watch the way Gabby Solis walks in the show ‘Desperate Housewives.’ She certainly knows how to use her femininity and feminine charms. And a feminine woman not only walks with small steps, but with relatively strait legs and gently swaying hips.

This is the way that seductive women walk - as it draws a man’s attention to the lower back, the derrière and the legs.

The differences between a masculine body and a feminine body are obvious; you only have to look at the muscular formation of the male body in contrast with the soft curves of a female body (a difference that usually delights a man and makes him want to touch and explore it!)

Always be playing up the CONTRASTS between yourself and a man.

Even scientists agree that the female body is DISTINCT from a man’s. Moreover, the breast-waist-hip ratio of a woman’s body is a measure of attractiveness for many cultures around the world. Not only that, but seductive women naturally have more body fat than men do, which gives them their soft lovely curves.

Always remember dove, curves are very feminine and seductive and luscious. So cherish your curvaceous body, and celebrate being a WOMAN.

Most of us are exposed, on an almost daily basis, to the most seductive women in the entertainment industry. We can watch them on the various beauty, fashion and lifestyle shows and read about them in the magazines. However, we certainly don’t want to be obsessing over these women or eating our hearts out in envy, do we?

What we DO want to be doing is looking deeply within ourselves, and discovering and refining our own feminine sides. Like other seductive women, we can find our rightful places in the world of femininity - with our heads held high.

Try to remember a time when you felt especially pretty, feminine and undeniably LOVELY. How did you feel about yourself? Did someone compliment you on your looks that day?

Furthermore, how did you do your makeup? What hairstyle did you have?
What were you wearing?

Were you wearing perfume? I certainly hope so *wink*

Try to remember what the conditions within and around you were. You’ll need to remember this particular time so you can determine what brings on feelings of femininity and seductiveness - feelings that feminine and seductive women experience OFTEN.

If you can REPLICATE those conditions, you’re well on your way to cultivating and maintaining a permanently seductive and feminine image!

Furthermore, aim to feel like a feminine and seductive woman. It’s OK to be cute and girlish and flirty, but if you’re a mature woman, it’s better to be womanly and seductive (but still flirty ;-))

There’s a world of difference between girlish chatter and a fascinating conversation based on your knowledge and experience.
Like I've mentioned previously, men love and appreciate feminine and seductive women of SUBSTANCE.

They'll also love and appreciate you if you fit this bill - and are still acting your well-maintained age.
Here's an example of a seductive older woman reveling in her VERY well-maintained age;

This is a recent picture of Christie Brinkley - at age 57 (loving the dress by the way.) What a FABULOUS example for us all to follow, and she's still an up-town girl and proving to us all that a woman can be sexy and fetching at just about any age.

It’s good for every woman, no matter what her age, to sit down and ask herself the question; "Am I a complete woman?" In other words, are you a feminine and seductive woman of substance?

We’re too apt to take ourselves for granted and to be not quite willing to admit the unpleasant truth of our own shortcomings. Yet, the process of finding out what feminine qualities we’re lacking need not be as daunting or as disagreeable as we may imagine.

Doing so will only free us up for getting to work on cultivating and refining our femininity and seductiveness - sooner, rather than later. And with determination and persistence, we can overcome almost any defect.

If you don’t have the ultra-slim body of a catwalk model, don’t despair, you can still be feminine and seductive and you won’t have to starve yourself in the process! Furthermore, every woman’s body has its cute and attractive features, especially a CURVY woman’s body.

Most feminine and seductive women are on the curvy side - and take care of themselves by exercising a little bit each day and monitoring what they eat. They also drink lots of water to get that healthy and glowing look - which is a lot more attractive to men than that edgy, ‘skin and bones’ look that some women choose to have.

In addition, feminine and seductive women are poised, elegant and graceful at all times. They dress appropriately for the occasion, as well as for the WEATHER.

It never pays to be freezing and shivering like a chihuahua - just because you feel that your new Rebecca Davies dress will make more of an impression on a man than a WARMER winter dress.

If you MUST wear a sexy dress on a date, besides making sure that you’re not revealing too much skin and keeping it classy, consider being driven directly to the establishment, as well as check beforehand what the temperature inside will be.

You should also think carefully about the shoes you'll wear - especially if you have to walk in wet conditions from the car to the front door.

As a feminine and seductive woman, you don’t want to be slipping on the pavement and losing your feminine grace and composure, do you dove?

This rule of dressing appropriately for the occasion, and for the weather, is also true if the weather’s too hot to wear your furs (hopefully not animal fur.)
It’s so unladylike for perspiration to show on your 'divine ensemble' *giggle*

It’s always a pleasure for a man to witness an attractive and feminine woman’s gestures and movements, even when she’s eating. Seductive women usually love their food, but popping a morsel of food into your mouth daintily, as well as biting on it seductively, is imperative.

In addition, putting food into your mouth using a fork or spoon can be done in a cute and feminine way, and it’s important to be that way in everything that you do (especially if the man of your dreams is sharing the table right there in front of you.)

To use your femininity to receive male admiration, always be a lady. Be ever conscious of putting your BEST foot forward - daintily of course (perhaps for that romantic waltz.) Furthermore, be sure to use your best ‘dainty mouth’ as well - to gain a man’s respect.

Femininity, as well as feminine grace is an asset of the world’s most seductive women. It’s should be cultivated and refined, and then used like a NET to capture our counterparts, and the objects of our longing (those wonderful, lovable paradigms of masculinity.)

I do hope you enjoyed my article; 'How Seductive Women Use Their Femininity to Receive Male Admiration.' See you soon cupcake!

Much love,
Melina xxx

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