Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Seductive Women; The Way they Walk

Hello dove. Today I want to talk about seductive women and the way they walk. May I ask you a question? How many women do you know who have nice figures, but they don't know how to USE those figures.

When they walk, for instance. And did you ever see a goddess walking like a camel? I have, galumping along!

Then there’s the shufflers. The girls who duck their heads forward when they walk. And the ones who, in an effort to keep their stomachs in, stick their behinds out way too much.

Seductive women, walk TALL, with a little springiness and flare.
A seductive woman points her toes straight ahead. She doesn't spread her feet at an angle with one toe pointing east and the other west. She controls her knees and she doesn't let them sag.

When seductive women walk, they put one foot in front of the other, striding from the HIPS. This gives a woman that "swivel hip," swaying sexy walk.

Marlene Dietrich's
seductive walk on the screen gave us an example of a queenly carriage, of poise. Even if you're a pint-sized lady, you can still have a seductive, as well as poised and stately walk (and make every inch of your tiny figure talk!)

However dove, a weak back can RUIN your posture and give you a sloppy and anti-seductive walk. So here's an exercise to strengthen your back;

Lie on the floor on your back. Stretch you arms up above your head, with the backs of the hands touching the floor. Raise yourself up to a sitting position, but as you do this, keep your heels on the floor and your knees stiff.

Continue to bend forward and try to touch
your forehead to your knees. At the same time, stretch for all you're worth. And then try to touch your toes with your finger tips.

Now, get yourself back again to the first position, but this time, as you do so, lift your legs and carry them up over your head until they're touching the floor beyond your head. Keep the knees stiff, and use your arms to balance yourself.

In other words, roll backward along your spine. You should now have almost the entire weight of your body resting on the top of your back. Be sure to go over far enough so that you lift your buttocks and the hips off the floor.

Come forward and continue to roll back and forth in this manner for at least ten times.

Did you ever try this for balance and
smoothness in walking cupcake? No? Well, try it! Furthermore, put a couple of books on your head and walk back and forth across the room. Take a tip from those lovely African girls.

In addition, if your figure needs limbering up a bit, try to bring the fingertips of both hands down to a point six inches behind the left heel.

Then, stand up and bend down in same manner to right side. Ten times each side. To strengthen your back, lie on floor, arms stretched overhead. First rise to sitting position and try to touch toes. Then lift the legs and carry them overhead to touch the floor.

African girls practically carry the whole house on their heads and think nothing of it. Their backs are straight and how smoothly and stately they walk!

Start concentrating more on the way you walk, aim for a fluid stride and try to consciously correct whatever faults you may have. Furthermore, how do you look when you run dove? When you're hot-footing it after a bus or a cab, do you run on your toes? Or do you run on the flats of your feet?

Seductive women run on their TOES.

In addition, seductive women often have a
"dancer's walk." Such a walk is smooth, flowing, balanced. It has vitality and sensuality. And dancing is, surely, the finest training in the world for becoming a feminine and sensual and seductive woman in the way you move.

Take up some form of dance training. Even if it's pole-dancing! Watch the way an experienced pole-dancer, burlesque or belly-dancer moves. Notice the even flow of motion and the smooth, sensual and seductive way she handles her body. Notice the sex appeal!

By the way dove, certain male connoisseurs can tell just how sexual are just by paying attention to how you walk - and how much you'd shake the Richter scale *wink*

From now on, I want you to think of the way you handle your body and walk - every time you're about to go on a date or make an entrance. To a party, a club.... Moreover, don't let self-consciousness ever scare you into creeping across the room as if you were trying to sink down into the floor.

Seductive women are not afraid of looking conspicuous.

In fact, I'd be cheering you on if you did look conspicuous - for feminine grace and beauty! And I don't care if you're short or tall, or a few pounds over-weight for that matter, just so long as you're using your figure to its BEST advantage!

Start taking note of how some of the seductive women on screen handle
their figures in all kinds of scenarios. Think of them, next time you put on a cocktail dress.

Always remember lovely, that people who don't know
you, and who haven't had a chance to appreciate your mental and spiritual qualities, are going to judge you by your APPEARANCE - on the first impression you make.

So walk with your head up, your shoulders back, your stomach in, and your derriere pulled in flat. Moreover, like all seductive women, put some smoothness, sensuality and vitality into your step. You'll be graceful. You'll be feminine. You'll have poise.

Much love,
Melina xxx

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